Wednesday, July 31, 2013

San Bernardino 'Mass Rainbow Wedding' Called Off After Nobody Shows Up

I guess the organizers thought God would part the skies and homosexuals would rain down like manna from heaven.

But not.

At the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, "Mass gay wedding in San Bernardino called off when no one shows":
SAN BERNARDINO -- A month after California began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples once again, gay couples can get married, get divorced and even get cold feet.
A planned mass "Rainbow Wedding" ceremony at a gay community center in San Bernardino ended Saturday with the officiant being stood up at the altar when no one showed up more than an hour after the ceremony was scheduled to be held.

"It's a statement about equality," said P.J. Seleska, who runs Inland Empire Pride's Center on Waterman Avenue. "We had a big celebration" the night the Supreme Court struck down Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act "and kicked around ideas."

The center serves an impoverished region of thecity, and includes a food pantry and other services to help its largely poor clientele.

"It's so expensive to get married out there, are you kidding me?" Seleska said.

Marriage licenses alone cost $88 in San Bernardino County.

"Now I understand why people run out to Vegas," Seleska said.

It's "so expensive."

Damned freaks.

Moonbattery has more:
As this farcical episode illustrates, homosexual marriage was only an issue because the cultural Marxists who run the government and the media made it into one as a weapon to use against the traditional values that are the foundation of American civilization. The damage having been done to the institutions of marriage and Christianity, homosexuals are already returning to their bath houses. They tend to have hundreds of sex partners in the course of their often disease-shortened lives; blasphemous “marriages” are not likely to replace this lifestyle.

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