Thursday, July 25, 2013

#Weiner Sexting Scandal Shifts Focus to 'Good Wife' Huma Abedin

Well, at least for now the focus is shifting to the "good wife" Huma, as this New York Times piece illustrates, "Many New York Women Are Baffled at Loyalty Shown by Weiner's Wife."

It's not baffling. The Weiners are all about power, and as many have said on Twitter, Huma's had the country's premiere sex-scandal mentor in Hillary Clinton. It was surreal watching the press conference, especially with Huma's easy cheesy smile and the fawning looks at her vulgar, sexting-addicted husband. Contrast that to Silda Spitzer, who looked absolutely mortified during their press conference a few years back. And Silda's remained out of the public eye as her husband seeks a return to political office. A huge difference.

The Weiners are not natural people. And I expect that the pressure's going to keep building until Anthony's driven from the race. But we'll see. We'll see.

In any case, still more attention to Huma at Memeorandum. She's not the "good wife" in the last analysis.