Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Leftist Character Assassins Now Remorseful Over Destruction of Mitt Romney

The fact is, Mitt Romney was one of the most decent men to ever run for the presidency, and his character assassination by Team Obama and the administration's despicable minions is one of the most vicious, lowdown political smears in the history of presidential politics. And now that it's all over, leftists grudgingly admit, "Gee, Romney was actually a pretty decent guy."

See the ultimate regressive asshole Paul Waldman, at the American Prospect, "New Documentary Threatens to Make You Like Mitt Romney: He was, after all, human":
During the 2012 campaign, I, like every liberal writer whose job it is to comment on politics every day, wrote many unkind things about Mitt Romney. Much of the time I found him more sad than despicable; politicians who nearly reach the pinnacle of their profession while being manifestly awful at politics are a rare and curious breed. Like Al Gore before him, Romney's discomfort with the requirements of campaigning was so close to the surface that he couldn't help but inspire a kind of pity. That isn't to say that I didn't find plenty of his statements and policy positions contemptible, because I certainly did, and said so without hesitation. But in the end, Romney wasn't as easy to hate as some other politicians might be.

So a year after he joined that small, melancholy club of presidential losers, it's time that even those of us who thought it would be a terrible thing if he became president can see Romney as a human being. In January, Netflix will be releasing a behind-the-scenes documentary called "Mitt," and the preview is surprisingly endearing...
In other words, "we f-ked that guy over more ruthlessly than one of R. Kelly underage sexual assault victims."

But continue reading (via Memeorandum).

So far it's just Waldman saying Romney was "human after all," but expect more "nice things" to be said about the former GOP standard-bearer --- as leftists have no more utility in their disgusting attacks on Romney and his family. The Democrat henchmen did their job. Obama won his reelection, and the country is suffering just as Romney himself predicted during the campaign. It's enough to make you hate politics, or something.