Thursday, December 12, 2013

YouTube's Top Videos for 2013

At WaPo, "YouTube releases list of 2013’s top videos":

It turns out we’re all really interested in knowing what the fox says. According to YouTube’s annual list of top-trending videos, Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis had the hottest video of the year with “What Does the Fox Say?” The posting drew 276 million views since it was posted in September.

Actually, it was a good year for Norwegians: The Norwegian Army version of the Harlem Shake dance craze came in right behind Ylvis’s video as the most popular of the 1.7 million versions of the dance that got uploaded to the site, YouTube said Wednesday in announcing the statistics.

Overall, the Google-owned video site said that 1 billion users watch 6 billion hours of content on its site every month — the vast majority of those view come from outside of the United States.
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