Wednesday, January 29, 2014

.@MSNBC Takes Down Racist Hate-Tweet Attacking Conservatives Over New Biracial Cheerios Commercial


This is racist Walter James Casper's channel.

At Twitchy, "‘Self unaware overload’: Despicable MSNBC pounded by reality after saying ‘right wing will hate’ bi-racial family [pics]."

And Politico, "MSNBC trolls the right with Cheerios tweet."

MSNBC photo BfMzC33CQAAjwk6_zpsa4688a8f.jpg

More at Fire Andrea Mitchell, "MSNBC: right wing hates new Cheerios ad with biracial family," and American Glob, "How the Left Lies About Conservatives."

The Right Scoop has the video, "Official @MSNBC on twitter accuses ‘rightwing’ of being racist."

I think they're going to need a more formal, forceful statement.