Monday, January 27, 2014

More Americans Sick of Militant Homosexual Agenda

At Toronto's National Post, "‘Marriage is not a circus event, it’s sacred’: Not everyone was crazy about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ mass wedding at the Grammys":
The song Same Love, performed by Macklemore, Mary Lambert and Ryan Lewis at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, took on a whole new meaning when Queen Latifah emerged during the song to marry 33 couples on sight, many of whom were same-sex.

The couples — ranging also in age and race — were married one after another throughout the song, with many singing along through tears during the performance. Following the marriages, Madonna then hit the stage to perform a slowed-down version of her hit song Open Your Heart, wearing all white (with a cowboy hat to boot).

During and after the performance Grammys viewers took to social media to express their thoughts on the spectacle. Many praised this celebration of marriage equality, and felt the performance was an emotional tribute to the acceptance of gay marriage....

Though most of the reactions to the performance were positive, not everyone was a fan of the event. Some viewers felt the mass wedding was gimmicky and nothing but a publicity stunt, while others still took a moral stance against the performance. John Gray, an associate teaching pastor at Lakewood Church, felt the performance was a dishonour, tweeting that “adding clear church imagery is wrong.” Bryan Fischer, a director of issue analysis at the American Family Association, felt the wedding ceremonies were “sodomy-based.”

Added: From the Mad Jewess, "Over-whelming Huge Majority People Are SICK of the *PROMOTION* of Homosexuality In U.S. & I’ll Prove It."