Thursday, January 30, 2014

.@MSNBC's Alex Wagner Attacks (Condescends to) Cathy McMorris Rodgers' During #SOTU Response

I read this extremely fascinating (if not entirely eye-opening) piece on MSNBC's Alex Wager the other day, at Instapundit, "MATTHEW CONTINETTI: Love in the Time of Obama: Alex Wagner, Sam Kass, and the new aristocracy."

Wagner apparently was once a personal assistant to George Clooney and she later married President Obama's personal White Houses chef Sam Kass. She's part of the new snobbish elite who've ascended on the tails of their connections, not on grit and merit. We've heard these kinds of stories before, but of late, with all the talk of "income inequality," it bears noting that status inequality is the new marker for leftists disdainful of flyover Americans.

Ace of SpadesHQ had a long post on this yesterday, "The Left Talks a Great Deal About the Evils of Income Inequality, But Is Very Happy to Perpetuate a Regime of Social Inequality":
Social inequality -- that is, strong caste and class identification, and disparagement of all other (or "lesser," in the eyes of the class-obsessed person) castes and classes -- has gotten more pronounced over the past ten years.

It is weaponized for politics. Sarah Palin quite plainly is not dismissed by the New Class merely because they disagree with her beliefs. Their disdain has a nasty personal edge to it -- they disapprove of her and the class she hails from. The New Class is not to content itself with disparaging Palin. They actively wish to include millions of Americans they've never even met inside the broad circle of their angry, arrogant disdain. The fact that they are not just attacking Palin but attacking millions of other people is not a bug, but a feature. The additional casualties of the attack are not regrettable collateral damage, but rather bonus damage to be celebrated.
Yes "weaponized," as in Wagner's tweet Tuesday ridiculing the House Republican Conference chairwoman:

Wagner is criticized as the perfect parrot for the left's tut-tut Democrat Party line. And her attack on McMorris Rodgers jibes perfectly with the longstanding leftist war on women that's really driving American gender politics. Rep. McMorris Rodgers is a particularly dangerous threat to radical feminism, according to Hanna Rosin at Slate, because she's a more "subtle model" for "values feminism" than Sarah Palin.

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