Monday, January 27, 2014

Marlboro Man Eric Lawson Dead: Smoking-Related Illness Cited

A phenomenally successful ad campaign by the cigarette maker.

But cigarettes kill, no need to be PC about it. My mom had major lung surgery last year after some 50-odd years of smoking. She's lucky to be alive. My wife's mom died of lung cancer sometime back, and her dad gave up cigarettes a few years ago after saying he'd never quit. At some point mortality stares you in the face and you realize smoking's not worth it --- although I'm not an anti-smoking activist. Folks should be able to enjoy a smoke if they want it. The problem is that they're so addictive. I smoked for a couple of years when I was going to Hollywood all the time. A cigarette and a cup of coffee is a major stimulation feed! Amazing even, the kick you get out of the nicotine (once you get use to it). Not glamorous anymore, although I still admire the rugged look sometimes. It's part of the culture.

In any case, at London's Daily Mail, "Former Marlboro Man, 72, becomes FIFTH actor from iconic cigarette ads to die of lung disease."

Lawson died of respiratory failure from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Marlboro Man photo 121731_zps40300133.jpg