Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Awards 2014

I watched. Interesting how the homosexual weddings didn't happen until after 11:00pm.

I enjoyed it, however, despite my bitching about our depraved culture.

At Rolling Stone, "Daft Punk, Macklemore, Lorde Win Big at 2014 Grammy Awards."

Also at LAT, "Grammys 2014: Daft Punk wins album and record of the year."

And at NYT, "Grammys Laud Giants and Upstarts," and "Critic's Notebook: A Night of Music Marked by Some Wild Mood Swings":
Daft Punk’s performance was one of the night’s more coherent collaborations. The group enlisted studio musicians, including the guitarist Nile Rodgers from the disco-era hitmakers Chic, to make “Random Access Memories,” which was named album of the year and best dance/electronica album. Mr. Rodgers rejoined them, as did the song’s vocalist, Pharrell Williams — winner of producer of the year, nonclassical — to perform “Get Lucky” with Stevie Wonder sitting in and snippets from Chic and Mr. Wonder that meshed with the song’s disco nostalgia; the celebrity musicians got up and danced.

More, at the Hollywood Reporter, "Grammys: Macklemore and Madonna Praised by GLAAD For Mass Wedding (Exclusive)," and "Trent Reznor Tweets 'F--- You' to Grammys After His Performance Is Cut Short."

VIDEO: Via Becca J. Lower.