Sunday, December 28, 2014

America Needs to Crush the Enemy Within

From Jared Diamond, at LAT:
We Americans today are focused on the wrong threats to American democracy. We are obsessed with threats from overseas: from terrorists and Islamist extremists, and from other countries. But realistically, while terrorists and Islamists and other countries will continue to cause trouble for us, the chance of their ending American democracy is nil. The only real threat to American democracy comes from Americans themselves. If our politicians continue to yield to pressure from extremists not to compromise and remain mired in gridlock, the majority of decent Americans may in frustration come to view an authoritarian government as the only solution to political gridlock — as a lesser evil that has to be tolerated.
Interesting, but wrong.

The Madisonian system --- which favors so-called "gridlock" as a check on tyranny --- is what's preserving our freedom. It's the left that's "the enemy within." Rudy Giuliani said it again this morning: We haven't had this kind of radical anti-Americanism and anti-cop vigilantism since the 1960s. Leftists are emboldened. It's time to crush the f-kers.