Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BuzzFeed Busted for Pushing the 'Myth' of the Left's 'Dead Cops Chant'

Walter James Casper pushes this meme all the time at his Twitter feed.

But Hugh Hewitt busted publisher Ben Smith on BuzzFeed's despicable meme that the left's "dead cop chant" is a myth. See, "Making a Little News on New Year’s Eve" (via Memeorandum).
So I taped an interview with Buzzfeed’s editor-in-chief Ben Smith this morning, one that led Ben to delete a front page headline splash for this story, and which triggered a bunch of follow-on stories among media reporters like The Daily Caller’s Al Weaver. Ben’s a good guest and willing to take hard questions, but I wouldn’t have just disappeared the header that we were discussing without a note to the readers. There’s also an interesting discussion of why I think Buzzfeed will “go left” in 2015 whether it wants to or not. Anyway, here’s the audio and transcript...
Yep. Busted. If you go to the BuzzFeed article the headline's been changed.

But check this dude's tweet below, from earlier this morning, as you can see the subheading, "Protesters Against Police Brutality Aren't Advocating for 'Dead Cops'."

Uh, actually they are, and there are lots of examples, not just the video from Al Sharpton's "dead cops" protest in New York.

Lies. That's all they have. Leftists are nothing but liars. You have to call them out, constantly and repeatedly. It takes time, but when they're busted their lies often do get further exposure on MSM outlets. It takes conservatives exponentially more effort to debunk the lies with the Obama-enabling media, but it can be done.

They're all despicable liars.