Friday, December 26, 2014

Walter James Casper Slams NYPD in Solidarity with Murderous Left-Wing Anti-Cop Vigilantism

Repsac3's right in line with pro-violence Gordon Barnes, "Editor of CUNY's 'Advocate' Newspaper Calls for Anti-Cop Violence to 'Bring About New, More Egalitarian Paradigm...'" To say nothing of the student red guards, "Brandeis Red Guards Threaten Daniel Mael for Reporting Khadijah Lynch's Radical Anti-Police Diatribes."

Remember, de Blasio announced his solidarity with the New York anti-cop street protests, and now Walter James Casper's attacking the NYPD officers for exercising their free speech rights to protest the city's anti-cop mayor.

Typical anti-cop scumbag:

Leftist hatred straight up. That's Repsac's life and ideology.