Monday, December 29, 2014

Dealth Toll Rises in Fiery Greek Ferry Disaster

What a nightmare.

At Telegraph UK, "Italy ferry: 'Up to 43 still missing' amid confusion over Norman Atlantic passenger list":
Death toll rises to 10 on fire-ravaged car ferry Norman Atlantic as evacuation operation finishes, but search continues into night as over 40 people on passenger list unaccounted for.
The death toll from the Italian ferry fire in the Adriatic climbed to 10 on Monda night as Italian officials conceded that more than 40 further people may still be missing from the vessel.

The Italian coast guard said in its latest update that 10 people had died and 407 people had been rescued after the fire broke out aboard the Norman Atlantic on Sunday morning as it sailed from Patras in Greece to Ancona in northern Italy.

Earlier on Monday Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, said everyone had been rescued from the ferry. But the respected Greek news outlet To Vima reported that as many as 38 passengers were still missing, forcing Italian transport ministry officials to concede on Monday night that up to 43 people were unaccounted for.

Maurizio Lupi, the Italian transport minister said at a news conference that, while the ship was officially carrying 478 people, including 56 crew, some of the rescued survivors had not been on the passenger list. “Predicting how many are missing seems premature,” he said.

The Italian navy was continuing to search for bodies around the stricken ferry, which remained in waters close to Albania, hours after nightfall.
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