Saturday, December 27, 2014

St. Louis County Police Video Shows Antonio Martin Raising His Hand, Pointing Weapon at Officer Before Fatal Shooting

Anti-cop vigilantes were out to protest on Christmas Eve in Berkeley, Missouri.

But again, the left's protests are based on lies and anti-cop propaganda and vigilantism.

Here's video showing the suspect Martin pointing his gun at the officer: "Antonio Martin Video ZOOMED in 1080p Antonio Martin Surveillance Video. Berkeley Police Shooting."

And here's the same video that was circulated on social media, which was cropped to show only "moments before" the shooting: "St Louis shooting: CCTV shows moments before Antonio Martin's death."

Also, check the report of the incident at the Wall Street Journal, from Wednesday, "Shooting Death of Black Man by White Officer Spurs Protests in St. Louis Suburb: Authorities Release Video of Incident Near Ferguson, Mo."

Remember, leftists hate the truth. The truth demolishes leftist propaganda. It destroy leftist lies.

FLASHBACK: See Bernard Kerik, "War Is Being Waged on Our Homeland — By the Radical Left!", and Heather Mac Donald, "The Big Lie of the Anti-Cop Left Turns Lethal."