Monday, December 29, 2014

Poll Finds White Democrats Identify with Far-Left's Ideological Cop-Hatred

If you're a Democrat, it's pretty pathetic that your party's rank-and-file identify with the left's hardline anti-cop communist agenda.

But this report at the Washington Post really lays out the ideological divide over the public's support for the nation's law enforcement.

Basically, for Democrats, it's no friends of the police on the left. Not a good sign for our democracy, as many commentators have indicated.

See, "On racial issues, America is divided both black and white and red and blue":
The growing partisan differences among white Democrats and Republicans over issues of race and justice coincided with the deepening red-blue divisions in the country that have affected attitudes on other issues, perceptions of political leaders, assessments of the state of the economy and the hardening of voting patterns.

Political partisanship and ideology play a stronger role in white Americans’ views on these issues than almost all other demographic and regional factors, according to a statistical analysis looking at the impact of many factors at once.

Higher-educated whites and those living in areas with larger black populations are more apt to doubt that minorities are treated equally in the justice system. But these factors are far outweighed by political considerations. When holding these and other demographics constant, conservatives and Republicans continue to be far more likely to say whites and blacks receive equal treatment in the justice system.

Here are some examples of the differences among whites from the latest Post-ABC poll:

● Eight in 10 white Republicans say the killings of Brown and Garner were isolated incidents, while more than 6 in 10 white Democrats say they are part of a broader pattern.

● Over half of white Republicans say they approve of the grand jury decision not to indict in the death of Garner, but only a fifth of white Democrats approve.

● Almost twice as many white Republicans as white Democrats say they are confident that police are held accountable for misconduct, and twice as many say they are confident that police are adequately trained to avoid the use of excessive force.
See that?

Basically, eighty percent of white Democrats disapprove of the grand jury's decision in Ferguson. And more than 60 percent see some "larger pattern" against blacks in the criminal justice system.

Seriously, from Obama and Holder on down to the rank-and-file of the Democrat Party, the ideological left essentially backs the Al Sharpton "dead cops" vigilante agenda. Again, it's a terrible statement on our democracy. The Democrats are the despicable party of lies and anti-cop hatred.