Thursday, November 10, 2016

Emmy Rossum in New Episode of 'Shameless'

Here's some lovely Emmy Rossum to take your mind off the election fallout for a few minutes.

At WWTDD, "Emmy Rossum Still Doing Topless in 'Shameless'":
Quite under the radar, Emmy Rossum has bared her tits in sex scenes in Shameless now every single season of the long running show. This is in itself doesn't seem like much of an accomplshment until you imagine all the breathless People articles about Jennifer Aniston being super brave for being topless in her next film only to have that footage never exist or end up on the cutting room floor by order of Aniston. Very few successful actresses in Hollywood will allow themselves to be in recurring topless roles. Certainly not once they have the advantage of being leads in successful long running series giving them quite a bit of leverage...
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