Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Brooke Baldwin Out at CNN (VIDEO)

Deadline has the story, and Baldwin's decision to leave the network so far appears to be a personal one. But I've watched her for years, and while she's not a hardline leftist, like the idiot Jake Tapper, she does get emotional when she's reporting stories about "race" and "black lives matter," etc. So, yeah, she's got some privilege to work through, whatever other motivations she has for leaving.

Here's Deadline, "CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Announces Departure From Network."

I also actually just flipped over to CNN this morning, just as Ms. Baldwin started out with her personal announcement. She's a sweet lady, and no doubt she'll land on her feet. She's got a book coming out in April, so I imagine working on that book has been part of her personal "evolution," as all white people are supposed to "evolve" according to the diktats of the many mediocre radical left racial "journalists" at CNN, and elsewhere (here's looking at you, New York Times, and especially Nikole Hannah-Jones, who announced the other day she's "taking a break" from Twitter, after getting caught doxxing the guy from the Free Beacon).