Monday, February 8, 2021

'Greatest of All Tom'

That's the headline for the L.A. Times' Super Bowl coverage this morning. You may not like Tom Brady, and I'm not a particularly big fan, as I think the Patriots under Belichick and Brady were ruthless at winning, and weren't, by any means, beneath cheating to do it.

But Brady broke all previous boundaries (again, really) at Raymond James Stadium last night, with a socially distanced crowd of just 25,000, with 7,500 of those seats reserved (and deserved) for Covid pandemic "front-line workers." 

In any case, at LAT, "Tom Brady wins seventh Super Bowl as Buccaneers crush Chiefs 31-9."

And from Bill Plaschke, "No more doubt about it: Tom Brady is the GOAT of GOATs":

Tom Brady screamed to the sky. He barked into facemasks. He pounded his palms.

Then, when his magnificent moment was clinched midway through the third quarter, he ran off the field with the loudest gesture of all, the silent waving of a single finger that stood for a legacy.

Of seven Super Bowl wins, this was his most enduring.

Of Super Bowl wins spanning three different decades, this was his most eternal.

For the GOAT, this was the greatest.

To Tom Brady, I ultimately bow.

In Tom Brady, I finally believe.

I picked against him, and I’ve never looked more foolish. The majority of bettors picked against his team, and they’ve never appeared more broke.

It wasn’t supposed to happen, it couldn’t happen, it shouldn’t happen, but on a historic night at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium on Sunday, Tom Brady even outdid Tom Brady.

The greatest quarterback ever became the greatest football player ever, and arguably the greatest American team sports athlete ever, as he led his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a stunning 31-9 rout of the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV...