Wednesday, February 3, 2021

CNN's Big Trump Ratings Bubble Begins to Collapse

Anyone with a half-working brain could see this coming, and I've personally called out the "stupid" and "idiotic" hacks on the air constantly at CNN, especially the revolting Jack Tapper, who has been let loose by the Time-Warner higher-ups in Atlanta (or wherever) to spew non-stop lies and hate towards anything related to Trump, Trump's voters, the alleged "insurrection" on Capitol Hill, and on and on. It's actually sick. The dude needs to get some help, sheesh. 

Sad too, because I've always enjoyed watching the "Situation Room," with Wolf Blitzer, and even a pretty decent and fair-mined guy like him has been kowtowing to this fake outrage inflamed by lies. It's disgusting, to say the least.

And thinking about it, amid the network's ratings collapse, I've been posting Tucker Carlson videos, and just you watch, he'll soon again have the Number 1 rated prime-time cable show, in just a matter of days and weeks, if not very much longer. Regular people can't stomach non-stop hatred on the news shows all the time, so they're naturally gonna tune out. That's an obvious point the Einstein's at CNN have systematically avoided. 

At Red State:

In all fairness, this is one week into it, and short-term data is not always the most reliable. But, this dip was anticipated by most media observers, and it’s a large part of the reason networks are still so focused on Trump, his impeachment, and stories regarding the last days of his presidency. They are trying to keep that high going.

It’s also why they are laser-focused on politicians like Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Not because it’s abnormal for politicians to hold weird or controversial views, but because they want to tie those views to the larger Republican base. The Democratic Party is all-too-happy to take advantage and keep the spotlight on these issues, but at this point, they are all fairly moot.

CNN has been one of the biggest disappointments of this era. While CNN has always had a left-of-center lean, they had good folks on the air and several who genuinely tried to stay relatively balanced. But as the editorial edicts came down, it was clear that there was a marketing decision that was made to make everything as much about Trump as possible, and there was more than enough leeway given to otherwise balanced guys like Jake Tapper to absolutely let loose with all their biases. It has been tragic to see.