Wednesday, February 3, 2021

This 'Open Letter' Was Produced by Democrat Congressional Aides, But There's No Mention of Party Affiliations or 'Bipartisanship' at the Letter, Which Can Only Be Viewed as Another Lie Leftist-Dems Keep Perpetuating About the Capitol Hill 'Insurrection'

You can read the letter if here, "An Open Letter from Congressional Staff to Senate."

I googled the first five names from the long list of signatories, and they're ALL Democrat congressional staffers. And it's not like you wouldn't know that from just reading the letter, which looks like Pelosi and Schumer just wrote it themselves and stapled on the names from the list of all their "horrified" Dem staffers "cowering" for their lives amid the "right-wing domestic terrorist insurrection" from January 6th.

It's cheap and dishonest. It's agitprop.

These people lie. If they had any standards besides double-standards perhaps folks might believe them, sheesh.

Via Memeorandum, where I spy a blurb from NYT's story about the letter, "More than 370 Democratic aides issued an unusual public appeal, notable because congressional staff members rarely publicly express their own views." 

No matter though, it's just part of the Leftist-Dem-Big Tech-Media Complex's campaign of a massive, nationally-geared gaslighting operation. Don't trust them, ever.