Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Jeff Bezos to Step Down as Amazon C.E.O. (VIDEO)

Just catching this news, at AoSHQ, "World's Richest Man, Top Oligarch and Cartel Princeling Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO of Amazon."

And here's the segment from Fox News:

I don't care personally what Bezos does with his money, but since he's one of the biggest of the left's Big Tech Media Conglomerate (as he owns WaPo), this is actually pretty good news.

Disclaimer: I will continue to promote product sales through my Amazon links here at the blog. Unlike the dicks at Google, Amazon has never sent a notice about "objectionable" content here, so at least I can still get a piece of all the billions the company generates, what, every month? Gawd, if there isn't a better example of a Big Tech monopoly driving mom and pop shops out of business, what else is there? Amazon's bigger than Walmart, in online sales at least. The company's a freakin' behemoth in the Karl Marx nightmare of worker exploitation. *Shrug.*