Monday, February 8, 2021

Jeep's Bruce Sprinsteen Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

I usually just mute the commercials during the game, but my wife was watching too, and she mainly likes the commercials and the halftime show, heh. 

And I did see some folks on Twitter draggin' on Springsteen as a mediocre musician and uber-leftist clod. Be that as it may, I liked the ad, because, first, I drive a Dodge Challenger and my wife's previous vehicle was a Jeep Liberty SUV; and second, I like the message: It goes without saying that Americans need to focus more on the "middle" of the country, and I guess the ad's trying to convey that we need to seek the "middle" as Americans, and pull away from the freak fringes (on both sides, frankly) that are easily pulling the rest of the country to the brink of ruin.

In any case, you may like this or may not, as is your prerogative. I post you decide lol.