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Friday, February 19, 2010

My Big Fat RAAACIST Haircut Picture!

It's from the same day as, "After Shopping..."

Yep, that's me: The Big Fat RAAACIST!!! Read all about it, here (with recent updates)!

Also, got a nice bit of support from my good friend BCF, who suggested: "These people are absolute low lifes."

You can say that again!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Falling Down' is RAAACIST!!

Gee, I guess I have a new hobby!

It's called "Let's Mock the 'Racist' Victimologists"! Whoopee!!

Racism!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Okay, let's put on our "racism radar" and talk some more about "racist" films. How about "Falling Down"? It's not like you wouldn't come across a couple of vatos like this, right? Seriously. Well, let's just say there are some parts of town left better unexplored. Oops,can't say that - that's RAAACIST!!

Got to hand it to that SEK! Man, that dude's got the PC goods, yo!

My God! Even More Movie RAAACISM!!"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kanpai Japanese Steakhouse is RAAACIST!!

Oh brother.

Here's another one of those stories about "equity" and "fundamental rights."

It turns out that Monica Covington of Winston Salem, NC, has started a petition campaign against
Kanpai Japanese Restaurant for its refusal to serve her. Kanpai claims she's a "a habitual bad tipper."

Interestingly, some of the local news reports botched the story. Apparently Covington stiffed the Kanpai staff on numerous occasions and they'd had enough of this woman. Kanpai's response is published at WZZM 13 Grand Rapids:

At the time, Mrs. Monica Covington was a frequent customer. On many separate occasions, a server of our establishment attended to Mrs. Covington. Each time our server waited on Mrs. Covington no gratuity was left. Shortly after this incident, Mrs. Covington returned with a party that was originally composed of six people, which later turned to five. The same server waited upon this party and added the 15% gratuity to her bill without the manager's knowledge. When this case was pointed out to the manager, the problem was soon remedied and the gratuity removed from the bill. Even after the gratuity was removed, Mrs. Covington and her party left no gratuity. What followed shortly afterwards, on a separate occasion, Mrs. Covington returned with two or three other diners. Our Servers and even Chefs told the manager that they refused to wait on their party. The manager, in hopes of appeasing staff and customers alike, formally asked Mrs. Covington if she would mind a 15% gratuity added to her bill and was explained in detail as to the reasoning why. Our compliance with North Carolina Law, and our stated intentions in protecting our staff members and allowing Mrs. Covington to dine with us, was clearly stated and in an appropriate manner. Absolutely NO discrimination occurred whatsoever.

We feel that WXII News Channel 12 misrepresented our story. Although they spoke with our general manager Michael Lam for 20 minutes, only a very small portion of his comments were aired during their broadcast. We would hope that their journalistic creed would go beyond showing simply one side of the story.

And see Piggy Nannan, "I Support Kanpai, Shame on Monica Covington!" Following the links there, don't miss the comment thread at WXII12: "Customer Called Poor Tipper; She Calls For Boycott: Winston-Salem Woman Starts Petition Demanding Fair Treatment. " For example:

Where is this going to lead to? Al Sharpton picketing in front of the restaurant and a civil lawsuit?
Bingo: "Woman Called Poor Tipper Procures Lawyer."

And one more from
As a General Manager of a restaurant & bar myself, I find the idea that this woman is trying to sue is ludicrous ... Obviously she has a history of thinking she can do whatever she wants. An added gratuity is not a new concept for larger groups. I completely understand that the customer is always right, but restaurants, like any other business, also have the right to institute their own policies, this includes gratuities. If a patron doesn’t like the policy they have the choice to dine elsewhere. Furthermore, many people outside the restaurant world do not understand that most good restaurants bend over backwards for every patron they get and want to make them happy, not only so they will return, but also so their employees are paid appropriately as well. Margins of profit in the private sector do not allow employers to pay wait staff $7.00 or more an hour, unless patrons want to see their meals starting to cost 20% more. That is the true essence of partnership between a restaurant and its staff. What is good for one is good for the other. I commend the decision of this restaurant to protect their staff, because we all know that good help is hard to find.

Friday, April 16, 2010

LAT Buries Tea Party Coverage; KABC-LA Slams 'Racist Teabaggers'; NYT Boosts Same-Sex 'Health Rights', 'Misunderstood Immigrants'!

Hey, the folks at Media Matters are keeping busy!

Talk about in the tank!


The Los Angeles Times buried its tea party coverage on "Page AA4" of this morning's paper. There's a teaser shot at the front of the "breaking" news supplement, but as you can see, the main article gets relegated to the obituary page. I'll update when the family of longtime NAACP leader Benjamin Hooks, who passed away on Thursday, complains of being lumped right next to those "racist teabaggers":



And this piece at local KABC Los Angeles is in totally OMFG territory. You gotta watch it to believe it. Tea partiers are RAAACIST!!

And check out the front page at this morning's New York Times:


While the nationwide tea party protests get consigned to "SECTION A - PAGE 17," readers are treated to the Obama administration's expansion of "medical visitation rights" for same-sex couples, and a second article debunks the "common perception" that recent immigrants are low-skilled manual laborers. Nope. No illegal alien bordercrossing strawberry pickers here. Move along.

You know how it is: Those lefty newspapers love them some "empathy" for the downtrodden gay and immigrant communities!

Fuhgettabout those tens of thousands of anti-tax protesters nationwide, those damned racist teabaggers!

Instapundit. See also, Ann Althouse, Doug Ross, Gateway Pundit, Hot Air, Left Coast Rebel, Nice Deb, Michelle Malkin (via Memeorandum), and The Other McCain.

The Right Reasons.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Hard Out There...

There's a whole lot that I want to write about today. It takes time, of course, to read through what others have written, and then to think about something new and different to say. That's what's happening on this New York Times piece on Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, "Right-Wing Flame War!" There are quite a few responses at Memeorandum, and I'm going to spend some time looking over these later. Meanwhile, I thought I'd share this bleg I found at HillBuzz, "Help Keep This Site Alive," plus the follow-up essay, which has some of the background, "Thank You For Your Support."

I'm not quite sure if extreme flamewars are the best fundraising cause (especially since Haiti's in the news, not to mention R.S. McCain's ongoing tip-jar needs), but the content of these is worth highlighting:

We just wanted to take this moment to thank all of you for your solid support in what’s been a difficult week here.

Most especially, we want to thank Cynthia Yockey for being such a big sister to us and getting the word out on what the Left, in the form of Daily Kos, the Democratic Underground, and, was doing to attack and defame us. Michelle Malkin, Conservatives4Palin, Riehlworld, Instapundit, LegalInsurrection, and many other sites we enjoy came right to our side and said, clearly, that when the Left attacks people using the Alinsky playbook, moderates, conservatives, and independents will not sit idly by and allow them to get away with it.

All of the attacks originated, from what we can tell, at a site called We never heard of this site before this weekend, but it appears to be in business for the sole purpose of going after PUMA sites and people like Darragh Murphy and Will Bowers personally. We find it interesting that whoever runs StupidPumas does so anonymously, while simultaneously attacking people like Murphy, Bowers, and ourselves, libeling, defaming, and maligning us, but not stepping into the light and revealing who they are themselves.

We’d appreciate any information you can find revealing exactly who these people at are, so that we can begin legal proceedings against them. This site attacked one of us personally, called him a racist, and sought to destroy his livelihood here in Chicago. This site was picked up in a coordinated effort by Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and, instanteously, with calls to commit physical violence against us. The Left used StupidPumas to launch its attack, then used the rest of the Leftist sphere to echo and amplify it.

This is classic Alinsky.

If we sit back and don’t do anything about this, and let the Left get away with doing this to us, then what’s to stop them from doing it to others as well? The Left’s favorite tactic is calling someone a RAAACIST, but they don’t realize that the American public is waking up to this trick. The more people who stand up to these trolls and prosecute them, the less effective they will be.

This attack cost one of us a few contract, freelance jobs — so, in that respect, StupidPumas was successful. They took money out of our pockets and hurt a small businessman. But, as we understand it, that action amounts to tortious interference with a contract, whereby a third party (StupidPumas) costs an individual employment, and is thus liable for those damages.

Whoever runs StupidPumas, and whoever they work for in the Left, is going to get a wakeup call, let us assure you.

There was much debate here at Buzzquarters on what we should say or not say about any of this. But, honestly, the damage is already done. StupidPumas, Daily Kos,, DemocraticUnderground, and their flunkie sites are defaming us, costing us employment, libeling us, and literally taking food off the table here. Why shouldn’t we publicly stand up to them, and use this as an example to teach all of you how you can fight back against the Left when the Left’s stormtroopers and brown shirts come for you.

And, more likely than not, if you continue to oppose the socialist takeover of this country and the reckless, naive, and dangerous policies of the current president, then the Left will at some point in the future come for you too.
I've been getting back up to speed on blogging this week, and normally I like to see all sides in the debate. Stupid Pumas has this post up now, and perhaps that's some insight: "Darra$h:Bigot." That post link to Booman, who in turn is pissed at Corrente ... So, I guess it's intra-ideological wars that have taken over leftists, not unlike what's happened on the right: Purity tests everywhere.

As for HillBuzz, well,
I know what it's like to have your livelihood threatened. E.D. Kain's not much different from Daily Kos, DU, and MoveOn in that respect. I can say though, that it's hard out there for a blogger. And not everything that happens is justiciable, especially libelous attacks. I'm definitely having more respect for those who insist on blogging pseudonymously. But my advice is don't be counting on a lot of help from others. It's nice if the heavyweight bloggers throw some support, but most of us can't count on it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

'The Hurt Locker' is RAAACIST!!

I promised to update a bit on "The Hurt Locker." I've posted a couple of times on the movie, although I did not write a review. I need to see it again to be able to write something fresh. I can tell you though, it's a great flick, and this was nowhere near my reaction:

I would argue that the film is certainly racist/orientalist in the way in which the Iraqi population is portrayed. Iraqis are depicted as either villainous or as an undifferentiated mass of passive spectators and victims. There are no images of Iraqi women which do not depict them either wailing or otherwise "hysterical". The English speaking Iraqi men, all of whom have bit parts, are completely emasculated. The American soldiers are generally depicted as brave (if insanely reckless in a cowboy fashion) and highly competent.

The one chance that the writer and director had to stage a dialog between the protagonist and an Iraqi professor is completely squandered as the professor's "hysterical" wife throws the protagonist-intruder out of her home. Perhaps I should be thankful that the writer and director did not choose to try to speak for "the other."

There is the requisite paternal engagement with an Iraqi child. However, the child apparently is indistinguishable to the protagonist from all of the other masses of poor Iraqi children who chase and throw rocks at military vehicles.

The film may not be quite as aggressively racist as "Blackhawk Down," "300," or "Zulu," the defining films in terms of racist war genre, but it is certainly a contender. There are thankfully no scenes in which a brown or black horde attacks an outnumbered group of mainly white heroes. In terms of the anti-Arab content, the film is not as bad as "True Lies" or any of the worst Hollywood films in the anti-semitic/anti-Arab genre, mainly because it does not really engage "the other" at all... so none of the more complex racist tropes are brought forth. Nevertheless, the film does continue the long tradition documented in Reel Bad Arabs.
This is such a twisted take on the film that even the commenters there (and this is an leftist academic blog) take big issue.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 13th Coffee Party Fail!

Yesterday was supposed to be the big break-out day for the "coffee party" movement. Recall Annabel Park, the sleazy Obamabot who launched this nouveau initiative to mimic the success of the conservative tea parties. Well, so far we've got reports of at most dozens of people who've made it out to "coffee party" rallies around the nation.

A turnout of about 30 people is trumpeted as a huge success in Richmond, Virginia: "
Richmond Coffee Party Kickoff a Success!":

Okay, they do look like nice people, and here's the resolution:
Participants in the meeting signed a civility pledge and read the preamble to the U.S . Constitution together, before breaking up into discussion groups to discuss ways of moving forward.

The Coffee Party is planning additional events in the near future and is looking to expand its message of civil discourse and progress towards real solutions.
Still, with all due respect, this is just pathetic. I've been organizing for almost a year with folks in the tea parties. Our movement is a response to creeping tyranny and the destruction of individualism. And what's been the response on the left? To shut down the tea parties as "racist", "fascist," and "terrorist." You can't call for civility when the response to spontaneous protest in authoritarianism.

Indeed, listen to the call for "civility" among the "coffee partiers" in West Palm Beach, at "
'Coffee party' debuts in West Palm Beach as 'anti-tea party'" (via Memeorandum):
"We have to stop the mantra of no taxes, no taxes, no taxes," said Marcia Halpern of Palm Beach Gardens.

A few of the issues could have come straight from a tea party gathering, including criticism of the media and calls for term limits and for publicizing congressional earmarks.

Papison and several others said they hope to foster civil political debate.

But Art Brownstein of West Palm Beach, who described himself as a lifelong Democrat and a Vietnam vet, said civility has its limits.

"Sometimes it bothers me when the word 'civility' comes up," said Brownstein, who said people on "the other side....are not civil to us."

Brownstein, who is white, said "white southerners in this country are going nuts" because of the popularity of black figures like President Obama and Oprah Winfrey. He said he raised the issue because "you have to know who your enemy is."

Alana Milich, a high school teacher from Boynton Beach, agreed with Brownstein.

"The foundation of all of this is racism," said Milich, who is white.

Mary Castronuovo of Palm Beach Gardens said she doesn't want the coffee party to be defined by its criticism of the tea party.

"I would be discouraged if this group became just a counter to the tea party," she said. "We can't make them the enemy."
Sorry, Mary Castronuovo, it's too late. The "coffee parties" are explicitly anti-tea party, or they wouldn't have adopted an alternative beverage for their identity. The fact is, leftists have lost the momentum from campaign 2008. That was an absolute phenomenon of popular participation and rejection of Republican Party rule. But the shoe's on the other foot now. The tide has turned dramatically away for the Obama administration and its statist agenda. There's not going to be much more for the coffee partiers to do but attack conservatives as "raaacist" It's all Democrats have had so far, and we'll see a lot more of that going forward. These folks are desperate.

More from Michael Barone, "
The Coffee Party Miniphenomenon."

And Gateway Pundit, "
BIG FAIL. St. Louis Libs Hold Coffee Party – 30 People Show Up;" Lonely Conservative, "The Coffee Party Should Be Called the ‘Obama Kool Aid Party’"; Ruby Slippers, "Coffee Party is a Wild Success"; and SWAC Girl, "Liberal 'Coffee Parties' Fall Short."

Plus, at
Instapundit and Memeorandum.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Andrew Breitbart is RAAACIST!!

Allegations of racism. It's all they've got, and boy the left's cobags deploy them with extreme regularity:

As noted at IOWNTHEWORLD, "Breitbart is the new Bush. The Left-Wing Media HATES him like olive loaf. Why? Because he’s better than them."

See also the Washington Independent, "Andrew Breitbart Meets Daryle Jenkins of the One People’s Project" (via Memeorandum).

RELATED: "Leftists Are Liars, and I'll Show You..."

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Lied to threatened cheated and deceived
Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
Led up garden paths and into blind alleys
Hear nothing see nothing say nothing


Listen here.

Same situation here:

I'm no "birther," but on this, Andrew McCarthy speaks for me, "Suborned in the U.S.A.: The Birth-Certificate Controversy is About Obama’s Honesty, Not Where He Was Born."

There's nothing racist about this advertisement, but to the radical left, that's raaacist!!!

Scared Monkeys isn't buying it, "Three Monkeys Racist ... More Foolishness from the Liberal LEFT ... Obama Ad with Racial Undertones, GET REAL!"

Actually, it's the Radical LEFT, but who's to quibble.

The fact is, with Barack Obama we've been lied to, threatened, cheated, and decieved, but the left wants you to Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. And that's change you can believe in!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rachel Maddow Can't Confirm Anything in Her Militia Member Smear on the Tea Party Movement

This Rachel Maddow segment pretty much sums up the total journalistic amateurism at MSNBC. She's spends five minutes stretching to find some kind of connection between the Hutaree militia and the "right wing extremists" (read tea partiers) who've been marching in anti-ObamaCare protests in D.C. And to top it off, her "expert" is the completely asinine hack Dave Neiwert, who argues that Americans freaked out over a few men with "turbans" on September 11, while the "real threat" to the United States is "right wing domestic terrorism." These people are bad.

I'll be the first to condemn the militia movement's extremism. I want nothing to do with them, and I can't name a single conservative blogger or tea partier -- and that by now includes dozens, even hundreds, of leaders in the conservative movement today -- who would even deign to associate with potential domestic terrorists. Meanwhile, the Obama administration keeps close ties with Code Pink fanatics who're serving as a direct link to the Taliban insurgency. This White House refused to condemn the Fort Hood attacks as domestic jihad, and the "system worked" when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up a plane over Detroit. But hey, I better watch it: That's RAAACIST!!!

And for comparison, see my earlier entry, "
The Left/Right Divide: Which Side Would You Choose?"

In any case, TPM-Muckraker's working hard to generalize and normalize the militias, "
For Hutaree, Militia Ethos Extended To Family Life."

But see tonight's New York Times, "Militia Members Draw Distinctions Between Groups."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've been busy with faculty in-service activities all day (and thus haven't been been able to write). I'm hoping to do a little power-blogging later, but thought I'd get something posted in the meantime -- you know it's hard out there for a neocon!

Anyway, I have no clue where she came from, but Miss Rondell, at left, commented at last night's Dishwalla entry, dissing the sounds and recommending some "Poi Dog Pondering"? Okay, fine. Not into that, frankly. But Rondell's "Obonics" did catch my attention. It's one thing to be cool and down with the brothers ... it's quite another to converse that way in written word, all the time.

I thought perhaps it was just at
the comment she left, but it's more actually. For example, "GoBahamaObama":
I believes that it be important to respect other peoples and they native lands. That's what black people like. On this cruise, we celebrate in ways that show our strong cultural heritage and we be spreain' the words of Gobama across these waters. Here go some pitchers from last night's Stars And Stripes Forever: Red, White, Blue, Black, and Everything in Between: Sponsored by the McDonald's McGriddle: I'm Lovin' It: Obama Celebration: Our Time Has Come For A Change: Soul Train and Buffet Party ...
And more, "Ain't Gonna Let No Man Get Me Down!!":
Here go a little re-cap for y'all:Sunday morning I woke up with a spring in my step and leaped outta bed and whipped up a big batch of chocolate chip waffles with a side of pork rinds (my favorite). I went straight to the J.C. Penney to pick up my special order of his/her monogrammed match towels and had them wrapped up all Valentime's like for Mr. C.

At 6pm Mr. C. picked me up for our Red Lobster Passion of the Sea Love Boat All You Can Eat feast. We had just started enjoying our cheesey biscuits when he started getting that Love Bug in he eye. I flirtashusly asked him what all the winks were about, thinking I'd prompt him to get that ring outta he pocket, but instead he just got out some eye drops and said his doctor messed up he contact prescription and he had an irritation in he eyes. I always think the cup half full so I was still certain that he was going to drop on that knee any minute.

Y'all, it wasn't until after dessert, he stepped our for a minute to go to the car and came back with a big gift-wrapped box. I was like DAMN that must be a big diamond cause that box huge for a ring. I tore into that like a cheetah on a water buffalo. You know what he got me! A Boost Mobile phone with a "Let's Get It On" ring tone and they cheapest plan! Y'all I could barely finish my fifth Bahama Breeze refill and Chocolate Volcano Cake but I did it. And when that last morsel went in my mouth, I brushed everything off that table with the swoop of my arm ending in a slap upside his head! Then I grabbed he car keys out of he coat pocket, stormed out that restaurant, and drove myself home. And yes, I parked he car right in front of that fire hydrant and it wasn't there this morning!

Hey Katrina, Mr. C. all yours now! Rondell don't want him no more. He gonna have to settle for a nappy ass woman who already littered a few pups of her own. Rondell's purity is too good for him! ...
Pardon my own slang here for a moment, but my daddy done tol' me dat Mr. Charley goin' t'own my po' llittle black ass if I didn' knows how be writin' in stan'rd English ... know what' I'm sayin'? And with a steady hand, mofo!. Miss Rondell's from Tupelo, Mississippi, but she might as well be from another world. And she don't seem so po' herself, considerin' all those ocean cruises she be talkin' 'bout. But I better be careful here, yo! Jes' be's messin' wit' dis heah stuff an' I be gettin' attacked as RAAACIST!! See, "Talking White: Yes We Can, Say Blacks."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shariah-Compliant Societies

Via Blazing Cat Fur, an ominous essay at the Toronto Sun, "Unveiling the Truth Behind Shariah":
Let’s revise the famous opening sentence of Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto to state there is a real peril, instead of a spectre, haunting the West — the peril of acquiescing to the Shariah-based demands of the Islamists.

At the top of the Islamist demands is to make defamation of religion a punishable offence. Since Judaism and Christianity are open to criticism, even ridicule in free and secular societies of the West, such a demand is to make an exception for Islam.

The trial of Geert Wilders in Amsterdam for offending Muslims indicates the extent to which Holland, one of the most open European countries, has tilted in the direction of becoming a “Shariah-compliant” society.

Holland is not alone in this effort to appease the Islamists. Across the West, a chill has fallen over the fundamental right to think and speak freely about Islam like any other subject of public interest.
Hey, you can't say that! That's RAAACIST!!

the link.

RELATED: Bare Naked Islam, "
Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch at CPAC":
This panel featured several American and international resistance fighters working to stop the spread of Islamic supremacism and most importantly, America’s infiltration by Muslim sympathizers. The central focus of the event was the Islamic jihad against the West and how Islamic organizations are working to silence free speech both in Europe and America.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Left's Racist Tea Party Fetish

Colbert King offers really disgusting essay at WaPo, "In the Faces of Tea Party Shouters, Images of Hate and History."

Readers can check the link, but I swear it's actually degrading -- and downright ignorant -- to hear a grown black man compare tea partiers to KKK night riders.

My daddy used to drop down into his down home pitter-patter when dissing the self-loathing blacks who refused to get off the plantation. Some folks have attacked me as RAAACIST for ridiculing leftists and Obama-cultists that way. And let 'em. These people have no clue anyway. Besides, I'll let
Dan Riehl have the honor of ripping into Colbert King tonight:

No idea what he'd do if his one note, dayz O-pressed us so much and fo so's long, now, theme ever stops resonating, as it should. But it keeps da chicken on da table, Ize guesses.

It is truly sad to see an allegedly free man squander so much of his life and thinking invested in so much racism, hate and non-existent victimization. He can't even see his way clear to open the door and step out from his cage. But they'll feed him, so long as he entertains and serves, I guess. So, it all works out okay in the end. I guess life on the plantation isn't really so bad, after all. If it were, he'd just leave. Then, massa would have to up and find himself another token house negroe, if'n he did dat.

More on the theme at AmSpec, where it's rightfully called "disgraceful."

And still more at BlogProf.

If I don't make fun of it, the sub-human thinking and mindset of tragic people like Colbert King makes me sick.

Spoken like a brotha. Thanks Dan.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

'Black Hawk Down' is RAAACIST!!

You know, while this is serious business, rebutting the left's endless allegations of racism, I've been mostly mocking so far in my series on "racist movies." But it's beyond bothersome that "Black Hawk Down" is included and ranked at #27. And here's the caption:
Ridley Scott's account of the 1993 "Battle of Mogadishu" drew heavy fire for casting African-Americans, who neither look nor sound like Somalis, to portray them as an ignorant, extra dark and scary, bloodthirsty mob of villains with no legitimate cause to attack U.S. Army Rangers. Well, they've got their cause now.
I guess indigenous affirmative action quotas are de rigueur among leftists nowdays. But as anyone who's read anything on the Clinton administration's policy in Somalia knows, the firefight there actually did have "bloodthirsty villains" attacking U.S. forces. And of course Americans were in the country to provide massive humanitarian relief to non-combatant Somalis, who were facing catastrophic circumstances amid the country's civil war. According to the Wikipedia entry, U.S. forces delivered "48,000 tons of food and medical supplies in six months to international humanitarian organizations trying to help the over three million starving people in the country." So to be clear here, when you see all these leftist "racist" attacks on everything from the tea partiers to movies like "The Hurt Locker" and "Falling Down," these constitute, in their totality, powerful evidence for the vicious hatred of America -- in all of its manifestations -- that is the core of Democratic/leftist ideology (here, for example):

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Foundations of Whiteness and White Domination?

In 2003, in the case of Grutter v. Bollinger, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote for the majority that "The Court expects that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest approved today."

And she might have been proved correct, except that the left's racism, sexism, and homophobia industry keeps moving the goalposts for reaching "
The Promised Land."

And shoot, the way things are going, leftists will initiate a "White Racist History Month" to make all of today's "racist oppressors" pay continued penance for the sins of the fathers. For example, "Thinking About My Whiteness":
I was googling "white privilege quotes", looking for a quick fix ... and came across these wise Mennonite dudes who had some good things to say. I particularly love this quote about white privilege and the need to be intentionally anti-racist:

As Tatum points out, to be white in America and do nothing about it is to participate in passive racist behavior; the equivalent of standing still on a moving walkway. No overt effort is being made, but the conveyor belt moves the bystanders along. Unless a person is walking actively in the opposite direction at a speed faster than the conveyor belt—unless they are actively antiracist—they will find themselves carried along with the others. To be white and actively antiracist means seeking to interrupt the advantage system; to change the structures of power that give advantage based on skin color. In the language of Ephesians it is to struggle not against flesh and blood, but against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places ... by taking our stand against the devil’s schemes.
Basically, just being white is racist. Who'd a thunk it!

And the "present darkness ..." Well, hmm ... I better not comment: That might be RAAACIST!!

Anyway, see the program note for the "
Thinking About Whiteness and Doing Anti-Racism" series with Sheila Wilmot (who is the author, naturally, of Taking Responsibility, Taking Direction: White Anti-Racism in Canada).

Oh, and by the way, Sandra Day O'Connor has had second thoughts: Maybe white guilt weighs heavier in retirement. See, "
Sandra Day O'Connor Revisits and Revives Affirmative-Action Controversy."

Hat Tip for Wilmot Series:
Blazing Cat Fur: "We regret our bathroom is not wheelchair accessible" (link).