Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Falling Down' is RAAACIST!!

Gee, I guess I have a new hobby!

It's called "Let's Mock the 'Racist' Victimologists"! Whoopee!!

Racism!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Okay, let's put on our "racism radar" and talk some more about "racist" films. How about "Falling Down"? It's not like you wouldn't come across a couple of vatos like this, right? Seriously. Well, let's just say there are some parts of town left better unexplored. Oops,can't say that - that's RAAACIST!!

Got to hand it to that SEK! Man, that dude's got the PC goods, yo!

My God! Even More Movie RAAACISM!!"


Rusty Walker said...

That was a good film. Maybe they should issue those bats to college professors...just as an attention getter!

yukio ngaby said...

Yeah, I was kinda surprised that Falling Down was one of the 50 most racist movies.

But even more surprising was that one of the reasons listed seemed to be that Michael Douglas was playing a put upon white man. I guess portraying that plus Hispanic gang and Korean liquor store ineveitably equals racist. Weird.