Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Only Wanna Place to Rest My Head ... If Looks Could Kill I Might As Well Be Dead...

Okay, more on the The Damned, as promised. I imagine the band is beyond the experience and sensibilities of a lot of my readers, but for a time I was really into their sound. One night in about 1981, my friend Potato Head (Skatemaster Tate) called to say The Damned was playing an impromptu gig at the Whiskey a-Go-Go. And off I went. They played a half-a dozen concerts in SoCal in the space of a week or so, and I nearabouts saw every one. More recently, I saw them play the House of Blues in Anaheim in 2006. The live clip below is good, but check the lyrics and listen to the studio version at bottom. The band's Wikipedia entry is here. In many respects, the group's as important as The Clash and The Sex Pistols, but less appreciated commerically. (Joe Strummer and Mick Jones apparently made an uncredited vocal appearance on The Damned's 1976 album, Machine Gun Etiquette, so it's all of piece if you're a punker.) Enjoy:

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