Friday, February 26, 2010

You've Changed Your Place in This World...

I posted quite a bit on The Damned last week, but did you know that Chrissie Hynde, founder of The Pretenders, was a member of Masters of the Backside? In that band she played with Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible, and Rat Scabies, who later launched The Damned? Here's a little background:

Finding her way to London in the midst of the punk movement, Hynde tried to start a group with Mick Jones from The Clash. After the band failed to take off, Malcolm McLaren placed her as a guitarist in Masters of the Backside. But Chrissie was asked to leave the group just as the band became The Damned. By that time, Mick Jones had invited Hynde to join his band on their initial riotous tour of Britain. Chrissie's recollection of that period: "It was great, but my heart was breaking. I wanted to be in a band so bad. And to go to all the gigs, to see it so close up, to be living in it and not to have a band was devastating to me. When I left, I said, 'Thanks a lot for lettin' me come along,' and I went back and went weeping on the underground throughout London. All the people I knew in town, they were all in bands. And there I was, like the real loser, you know? Really the loser."

Soon after an event occurred which was to change her life.
In any case, I never did see The Pretenders, but I've always loved their music. So, enjoy "Talk of the Town" above:

Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday
Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday
You've changed your place in this world
You've changed your place in this world ...
Historical Footnote: By the looks of it, this clip features the band's original lineup. Bassist Pete Farndon and guitarist James Honeyman-Scott both later died of drug overdoses.


Craig R said...

I saw them on "Later...with Jools Holland" recently, she sounded good. "Brass in Pocket" is my personal favorite.

One of my favorite Garbage songs, "Special", has a quick reference to "Talk of the Town" in the outro.