Friday, February 19, 2010

My Big Fat RAAACIST Haircut Picture!

It's from the same day as, "After Shopping..."

Yep, that's me: The Big Fat RAAACIST!!! Read all about it, here (with recent updates)!

Also, got a nice bit of support from my good friend BCF, who suggested: "These people are absolute low lifes."

You can say that again!


Norm said...

It's the left that created a permanent class of poor in this country; it is the left that destroyed the black family; and it's the left that pretends to be the black person's redeemer. The white leftist/progressive is the racist.
More and more the black community is getting their number. Don't get me started.

And, I once had a wonderful time in Paris.

Opus #6 said...

The left requires many dependents in society to sit with their hands out.

Anything that teaches people to be self-reliant is a threat to their power. I hope people of all races see the left's cynical "offers of help" as a way to enslave people to the welfare state.

Rusty Walker said...

The attacks on you are getting out of hand - racist?! Try walking a mile in Dr. Douglas's shoes! If this is about the black-speak you left on their blog, then, I don't think they understand the frustration of the right having to listen to their countless, baseless racist accusations, and making EVERYTHING about race! Perhaps this is stemming from their own deep seated historical racist-Democrat shame.