Friday, February 19, 2010

As Disgusting as Joseph Goebbels?

Captain Fogg, who is one of the most bellicose bloggers I've ever encountered on the web, wrote this yesterday:

That people who are college professors can openly mock the idea that there is a history of black America worth regarding isn't sad, it's as disgusting as anything that ever came out of the mouth of Goebbels ....
And here's Captain Fogg's comment this morning, at my blog, at last night's post:

Just for the record, is it possible to be a bully for responding to repeated provocation even if the response is deemed excessive by the serial provocateur? If so, we would have to rewrite a bit of history, wouldn't we, since it would have been the US bullying the Japanese after December 1941 and the English after 1776, and al Qaeda after 2001 for instance. You're the professor, you should be able to explain that easily instead of hiding behind preemptive and absurd accusations of Marxist dementia and illicit relations with various bogeymen.

After all I didn't call you a bully when you accused me of planning to murder Rush Limbaugh when I suggested he be fired ...
Actually, Captain Fogg didn't suggest Rush Limbaugh should be "fired." He declared him a traitor and enemy of the state, and that's after suggesting that Fox News viewers were akin to Hitler's willing executioners:

The people who watch Fox usually don't watch anything else. They have no idea that the lies and distortions they've been hearing are often repudiated and disproved by all the other news services. They haven't a clue that one of the largest anti-American campaigns, indeed the most organized program of treason against truth, justice and democracy is broadcasting 24 hours a day. Fox is using and will use everything they can find to undermine confidence in our government and anything it does and as you can see is hoping our country will fall and our hopes will fail. To me, it constitutes as great a danger to our future as any foreign enemy or global economic collapse. Traitors, saboteurs, liars and purveyors of irrational hate, Fox News is the enemy and anyone who hopes not just for our survival, but our improvement owes it to the world to use every opportunity to expose them.
So frankly, Captain Fogg can bite the bone. He's launched merciless attacks on American Power more times that I can recount, starting at Libby Spencer's blog back in the day. Surely this execrable hate-master extremist would do the Schutzstaffel proud. Pure toxic evil, mark my words.

Indeed, all of these people are unprincipled bullies, the lot of them, a rogue demonology detachment of the first order:
Captain Fogg, Comrade Repsac3, David Hillman, Green Eagle, James B. Webb, TNLib, RockyNC, and TRUTH 101.


Cuffy Meigs said...

It's Leftists that constantly insist upon censuring news they do not approve of - regardless of its objectivity or closeness to the facts. FOXNews viewers may frequently (and rightly) complain about the prevalent Left-wing bias in the established news outlets, but none of them call for the censorship or closing of these outlets. And most FOXNews viewers are regularly bombarded by alternate views - many of them, because of said mainstream bias, in ideological Left-wing lockstep with each other.

I occasionally watch FOXNews myself, but I'm not a big fan of American news outlets. I also listen to NPR, much more so than I watch FOXNews. It's because of my frequent contact with news from NPR that I can authoritatively comment on how biased, Left-leaning, and quite frequently wrong the commentary there is. Tom Ashbrooke ("On Point") is a particularly annoying and insipid commentator. I invariably am compelled to switch channels because of some stupid, insulting quip by Terry Gross on her fetid "Fresh Air". About the only shows they have that don't regularly insult my intelligence and principles are the excellent BBC news broadcasts and Car Talk.

These Leftist jerks had better get used to the idea of a free press. And if their mainstream outlets can't start improving the quality of their news to match the intellectual level of the public, they will continue to bleed viewership, listeners and influence. If they continue to push their kleptocratic, self-serving version of socialism, and the wacky news that results from forcing it through that worldview, they will soon be at the helm of "mainstream" outlets that no one listens to. Then, like NPR, the only way they'll be able to survive is through taxpayer subsidies and foundations run by the liberal widows of deceased capitalists.

courtneyme109 said...

Admit it Doc - ya love to hear 'em holler!