Saturday, February 20, 2010

Andrew Breitbart Rocks CPAC!

I love the entry at Weasel Zippers, "Andrew Breitbart's Kick Ass Speech At CPAC ... He Calls Out SEIU, ACORN, MSM, John Podesta, NYT, Lib Universities/College Profs ... 'Bring It On!' ... 'The Gig Is Up ... You're Not On The American Team'."

Also, Yid With Lid, "
CPAC Saturday Morning, Breitbart Wows, Allahpundit Gets Friendly." And Sharon Soon, "Andrew Breitbart Thinks the MSM … Well, Sucks":

It's not an easy job to fight the vile, vindictive, unreined media, and it explains why so few are willing to take the risk of being attacked. Conservatives shoul be thankful for guys who are.

For years of my life, I've been on the defense. I greatest fear was being attacked. What if someone called me a racist? What if I wasn't around to defend myself? Then one day I realized that it was okay. And I now love the thing I feared most. I'm not on the defense anymore - I'm on the offense. Bring it on!

The full background, with transcription, is at Newsbusters, "Breitbart to NY Times Reporter for Alleging Racial Tones at CPAC: 'You’re a Despicable Human Being'."

Plus, Andrew puts the pedal to the metal, at
Big Journalism, "Breitbart Confronts Blumenthal at CPAC" (via Memeorandum). Watch the video here.