Sunday, February 21, 2010

Freedom Defense Initiative

From Atlas Shrugs, "More Coverage of the FDI Event: Jihad: The Political Third Rail, 'Single Most Important Event of This Three-Day Conference'":

Clearly citizen journalists and other bloggers came away from the first Freedom Defense Initiative event with a more informed and intelligent take then the incompetent media. There has been thoughtful, informed analysis here and here. Alternative media has, in fact, become the only reliable, competent media.

When things calm down, I will post my observations. Pamela Hall will have video up of the whole event this weekend, and a DVD with outtake interviews will be available next week.

Here's an excerpt of Mark J. Koenig's trenchant analysis of the day's seminal event over at David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog -- do read it all ...
Also, check out the Freedom Defense blog. And at American Thinker, "Jihad: The Political Third Rail -- At CPAC."