Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leftists Are Liars, and I'll Show You...

I'll be meeting with my vice president of human resources on Monday. Naturally, I'll utterly reject the campaign of smears and "racist" allegations that have been leveled against me.

And I say this without a hint of hyperbole: Reading the
comment thread you will find a truly mind-bogging stream of left-wing elitism, megalomania, hatred, and lies. But what's fantastic is that someone claiming to be a former student of mine popped into the comments to rebut the scurrility:

To be completely honest, when I took Prof. Douglas' poly-sci class he took a surprisingly unbiased approach to teaching and he was quite popular and likable. It wasn't until I started reading his blog that I found out how incredibly brainwashed he was. Go figure...
Considering everything else, I almost can't believe that someone had the decency to tell the truth. Yet it's funny that this student, after reading my blog, thinks I'm warped! And to some extent I consider that a failure, since I wasn't able to turn this person around a bit through my instruction. My teaching does tend toward American exceptionalism, although I don't indoctrinate. And when one has hundreds of students per semester, it's impossible to reach out to each and every one on an intimate basis.

In any case, Captain Fogg and Comrade Repsac3 mounted an aggressive rebuke of the student's comments (check the thread). It just doesn't fit their program of destruction to find that -- HELP ME RHONDA!! -- I really am a gentleman and a professional. And that's the thing: Leftists count on the decency of people to prevail in their progressive agenda. I mean people just cringe at the thought of being accused of racism, and folks bend over backwards lest they offend others in the slightest. But when someone like myself sees through the left's totalitarian baloney, and when I stand up for what's right, I'm excoriated and hounded, with real attempts to destroy my livelihood. And to that end, Comrade Repsac3 has written yet another libel-post to smear my name and maliciously impugn my reputation. See, "
Donald Douglas - An Ethical 'Push-me, Pull-you'."

Last night I cited Deborah Frisch's malicious attack on Jeff Goldstein, at Protein Wisdom, in 2006 (see, "
Jeff Goldstein Knows a Thing or Two About Low-Life Leftist Scum"). Frisch had announced a deathwish on Jeff's child (more on that below). But what really kills me is this bald-faced lie from Captain Fogg at Repsac3's comments:

It's probably a shame that none of his readers will ever see what I actually wrote to the Donald, nut only the patched together redaction wrapped around a bundle of straw with a target painted on it. He and his cohorts who scream about censorship all use comment moderation and nothing I've written to them, no matter how rational or sincere an attempt at communication ever see the light of day until it's been gutted, skinned and had horns grafted on to the carcass.
I responded with a comment at the post:


Capt. Fogg: You're the biggest liar I've seen in a very long time. I seriously could not live with myself if I routinely spit out the most vicious lies and slanders on the scale that you do. It's completely reprehensible, and you should be ashamed, and if libel laws were tougher you've have a bit of that coming as well, you sucking tentacle of death.

You write: And "Nothing I've ever written them ..." has seen the light of day.

Say what? I published your comment at my blog, you asshole,
here. And then I wrote an entire post in rebuttal, here.

You are nothing but an evil stump of a man, a miniscule little prick, and your lies right here prove it.

And you Comrade Repsac3, your posts are despicable smears and distortions. How can you possible compare anything I've ever written to Deborah Frisch, who attacked Jeff Goldstein in classic leftist deathwish style: "You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one JonBenets your baby" ... "I reiterate: If some nutcase kidnapped your child tomorrow and did to him what was done to your fellow Coloradan, JonBenet Ramsey, I wouldn't give a damn."

How dare you spread lies about me here at this post. I've never wished someone's child dead. That is truly diabolical. It blows the mind that you'd even put me in the same breath as Deborah Frisch. She deserved exactly what she got and then some. And of course, Daily Kos wouldn't denounce her. They're all about hate and death as well -- contractors in Fallujah had it coming, and the Jewish state should perish from the earth -- and you of course endorse it whole hog!

And like Captain Fogg, this post proves you to be someone without a shred of morality, which is exactly what I wrote in the Goldstein post last night. You make it too easy, just too damned easy. There is a universal right in the world, Comrade Repsac3, and you've repeatedly demonstrated that you stand outside of it

These people are like hyenas on the scavenger hunt, but not quite powerful enough to destroy the Lion King of the savannah. Yet they'll attempt anything to destroy me, to the point of hatching the most evil plot imaginable. It's happening now. There are simply no moral restraints for leftists, none. And frankly, this is exactly what I wrote last night at my post. Interesting how things are turning out today, with the anonymous student's comments and Captain Fogg's bald-faced lies. I'm sure I'll have lots of reading material to share with the vice president at my college!


Opus #6 said...

Hang in there, Donald.

The Kos freaks are the same who told the Hillbuzz boys they hope they die from AIDS. No conservatives ever stoop so low.

And as for commenting on my blog, none of these pussies have ever tried commenting on my blog. If they say they have, they are lying. As for moderation, Benjamin Franklin said "moderation in all things"....

courtneyme109 said...

Amazing. Their intolerance - being unable to bear to hear anything they disagree with - and then taking it off line into the real world is actually a very risible play on the author's nom d'guerre of octo PUSS

Grizzly Mama said...

Donald - have read about 'The Narrative'? The link leads to an article at my beloved Weekly Standard. It's all about how people who don't adhere to the leftist Narrative of America are viciously attacked because, from the article, "To question The Narrative is to question the self-ascribed virtue of the left."

How dare you question their virtue? Their good intentions?

I hope that you have time to read the whole article - it's a good one. Sorry that you're having to deal with the loony-tunes.

Libby said...

...and why is the party that preaches 'tolerance', the one that doesn't tolerate it?