Friday, February 19, 2010

Jeff Goldstein Knows a Thing or Two About Low-Life Leftist Scum

The context is a little different, but this brief snippet does capture the despicable essence of sleazebag David Hillman. From Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom:
One of the problems with posting on a political site under your own name is that those who disagree with your politics — if they don't have particularly solid ethics or scruples — can (and will) attempt at every turn to damage your reputation ...
Or attempt to just destroy you altogether, but you get the idea.

More at
the link.

Some background on Goldstein's bona fides in this area is here, "
The Great Blogosphere Brawl."

A Daily Kos blogger commented on the case, in typical leftist demonic fashion. An excerpt:
You know what I think is really sick? When Michelle Malkin posted slanderous and defamatory comments about the Chancellor of the University of Santa Cruz for allowing antiwar protesters to protest military recruiters on campus, pushing the Chancellor to take her own life. I also think it's sick that Michelle Malkin on her own blog has posted comments in which she trivialized the rape and murder of the teenage Iraqi girl by American G.I.s.
Check all the links above, but basically, there are no facts or truth to leftists, just the goal of total destruction.


Tim Johnston said...

they really like the word 'bigot' don't they...

Serr8d said...

I think I'll keep my nom de plume until I've retired. There's no need to advertise your political bent, especially if you have a family and a business.