Sunday, February 21, 2010

'The Abu Ghraib of the Great Society'

Man, Andrew Breitbart is few steps ahead of his tsunami strike-force notoriety!

The first clip has Andrew coining this killer ACORN descriptor, the "
Abu Ghraib of the Great Society." But the second clip's even better, where we see him decimate Salon's Mike Madden:

Andrew's getting some attention from folks on the left. Not used to the push-back, Eric Boehlert of Media Matter's is certifiably obsessed with Breitbart. And Gawker gets a head start on the meme you'll see all week, on the right's allegedly "unhinged" new media king: "Adventures at CPAC: Gangsta Andrew Breitbart Psyched to "Destroy People," Not a Conservative Rapper."

See also, the Washington Independent, "Breitbart: ‘What’s in Your Closet, John Podesta?’"