Friday, February 19, 2010

My God! Even More Movie RAAACISM!!

Jesus, I'm on a roll here tonight!

But I'll tell you, with the radical left it's like taking candy from a baby!

And think about it: Just as folks were getting a little thread going on my "
Hurt Locker" post, I find this: "The 50 Most Racist Movies." It's from the Complex Media Network, and we're told to put on our "racist radar." Not too hard for the Democrats, actually.

Okay, here's a little game: Guess which which of my wicked little recent attack-masters gets the hat tip, Captain Fogg, Comrade Repsac3, David Hillman, Green Eagle, James B. Webb, TNLib, RockyNC, SEK, or TRUTH 101?

Answer: Wrong if you picked this
extremist storm-trooper of hate, although you were close of you picked this despicable smear-merchant.

But the winner is ...

And the "
Gremlins" were racist? Who knew?