Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gender Neutral Bathroom Fail

Boy, today's college kids ... what will they think of next?

From Gary Fouse, "
The "Demands" of the UC-Irvine Protesters":
5) We demand that UCI immediately equip the campus with gender neutral bathrooms. Students and workers who do not fit the illusion of gender normativity suffer routine violence and intimidation. UC should not privilege heteronormativity over the interests of its LGBT community.

See also, the Orange County Register, "17 Arrested in UCI Protest."


Dana said...

Oh, I loved the demands. The final one included:

We demand that UCI end its contract with Motorola by fall 2010. Furthermore, we demand the removal of all Dell, IBM, and Texas Instrument products by fall 2010 as well.

Kind of makes me wonder: how many of them have cell phones produced by Motorola, or computers made by Dell?

If they "demand the removal" of all Dell products by next fall, should we assume that students with Dell computers will be barred from campus unless they throw away their computers?