Monday, February 22, 2010

Libel Blogger David Hillman (Swash Zone) Workplace Harassment Fail

I met with my vice president for human resources today regarding the claims of "racism" and "harassment" alleged by David Hillman (a.k.a (O)CT(O)PUS) of The Swash Zone.

I can't go into detail as to what went down at the meeting, but it's essential that I post updates of non-proprietary information to the formal record here. The campus inquiry is ongoing and I'll be accompanied by union representatives in case of any forthcoming actions. Recall that David Hillman's allegations are just the latest in his completely deranged (
but longstanding) jihad against American Power. Hillman's charges are as preposterous as they are unhinged. A classical neo-communist, (O)CT(O)PUS is so utterly incompetent at anything other than puerile schoolyard bullying that it's not surprising that he'd go all in with a vicious campaign of personal destruction. Indeed, he's updated his post with a new comment to reiterate his desperate end-all motivation to literally annihilate me and the moral clarity I represent:

This will NOT be my last and final comment on the subject of Internet predation, but I hope this will be my last encounter with the Professor of Political Science at Long Beach City College who has stalked the Swash Zone for years.

This weekend, the professor posted a series of ripostes
here, here, and here.

As expected, he is still wrapping himself inside his First Amendment rights while refusing to take responsibility for his actions. He plays the victim card but has not yet explained this ...

This is totally piss-poor unsubstantiated drivel. Readers can go to the link above to see the libelous claims being thrown around. But interestingly, Hillman is so literally consumed by hatred he's driven to psychotic fantasies of alleged mayhem and stalking. Behold these freakishly phantasmagorical projections with reference to the real-life cyber-stalking and death threats to tech-guru Kathy Sierra:
Let there be no doubt. The pleas of Kathy Sierra have failed to reach across the Internet. There are trolls and serial predators everywhere, and few have been more persistent and toxic than the professor of political science at Long Beach City College.

If he were merely an annoying troll, it would be easy to ignore him. It is less easy, however, to ignore hate messages in my email box that originate from his weblog … fulminations against “stinking-boot” liberals … messages warning of dire consequences and a final reckoning. When one reads this crap, it is easy to understand how Kathy Sierra felt.
I'm sensing a persecution complex!

Jeez, I guess American Power really has the power!

I kid, but this is actually quite serious. The Swash Zone community is
actually struggling to devise even more crudely devious methods in their jihad to eviscerate my First Amendment rights to freedom of speech (with emphasis added):
Where bigotry and other morally repugnant acts are concerned, I'm all for sunshine; publicize the nasty things that people say and do as much as possible -- which, by the way, is one of the reasons I'm opposed to moderating such things away. Sometimes it's good to confront and be offended by the things people say and do, and to see that as many other people as possible are offended right along with you. Rather than hide bigoted blog comments, I say highlight them, repeating them as many times as it takes for people to get good and pissed off at the people that post them. (In fact, if the lawyer's don't object, I'd suggest posting all of the threats and other nonsense received via e-mail, as well.) I'm all for blog posts, letters to local media--including the LBCC college newspaper--with full quotes and context, tweets, facebook posts, submissions to "Worst Person in the World" segments, and any other means that uses sunshine and/or moonglow to highlight the bad acts Donald Douglas and those like him engage in.
The only problem, of course, is that there are no "threats and other nonsense" or "racism" or "harassment," or whatever. In fact, IT'S DAVID HILLMAN WHO HAS REPEATEDLY PUBLISHED ALL OF MY WORKPLACE INFORMATION TO FACILITATE ONGOING DIABOLICAL THREATS TO ME, MY FAMILY, AND MY LIVELIHOOD.

The truth is that these people reside outside the boundaries of God-given right, morality, and goodness. This truth is revealed to me inside my heart and in my faith, and readers at American Power (and of spiritual blessing) know that righteousness will prevail and that I'm in eternal graces. It is the eminent case that these most horrible people -- Satan's servants -- can't actually defend themselves against overwhelming argumentation, so they can resort only to the most underworldly campaigns of personal and political destruction imaginable.

I now understand much better why some bloggers choose to remain anonymous, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Truth and goodness always prevail, and so it is here at this blog.

PHOTO CREDIT: That's me leaving for work this morning. Picture by American Power Progeny #2.


SR said...

Donald Douglas: you have an Alexa Rating of 270,869 and that's pretty bloody good! This idiot at Squashed Snot has an Alexa Rating of 14,967,480.

I know the schmuck has its tentacles out for you and I know you are more than capable of squashing this putrid pile of ant farts into oblivion so go right on ahead and do so.

These pathetic marbles of Liberal Pathology really mean nothing to anyone but we must keep tabs on them because look what they have done to the Nation since the 1920s.

Keep up the good work and, nice picture!

Steve Burri said...

Don't stalk me, Bro!

Er... stalk means blog hits...

Stalk me, Bro!

Keep hangin' tough, Donald!

Anonymous said...

You have union representation?

Isn't that such a liberal/leftist concept? Its pathetic that you find liberalism to be the cause of everything that is evil in this country and then you go on to acknowledge that you are being assisted by your union.

SR said...

Don't you just love the libtards?

TAO: meat whistle

Opus #6 said...

TAO, go pound sand.

Donald, you look great in that suit and flag pin. If I were a school administrator I would be proud to have you teach the next generation.

courtneyme109 said...

Looking good Doc!

Rumour's mill is implying that the school's HR staff were so shook up by the fact free ramblings @ swashzone they all took half a day off to start their own blogs to draw attenstion to the weak, boring handwringing SZ seems addicted to

Anonymous said...

"Meat Wistle"


"Go pound sand"

Boy, isn't our ideology blinding us of the obvious?

Its obvious that "might makes right" around here...

Rusty Walker said...

Excellent photo; completely equipped with war flag, educational battle gear & blog armor on, Dr. Douglas.
Go gettm' !!

Radicle Redneck said...

You go get 'em Prof. D.

And you sure do look mighty fine in your suit.

Pedro said...

Where is that moral clarity, Prof.- in the flag pin on your lapel? Or in your tie?

Also, how come you need a union rep? That was a good question above from TAO. A proud conservative like yourself running to unions for cover?

Moral clarity? You're kidding, right?