Sunday, February 21, 2010

James B. Webb: Intolerant Sexist Pig

I discussed earlier "The Narrative" in American politics. The Narrative is the ideological construct that claims an ineluctable progress toward full equality in the U.S., and to challenge that project is to be subjected to the most vile attacks of "racism," "sexism," and "homophobia." Of course, leftists refuse to hold themselve up to the same standards they hold conservatives, which is a reminder that it's not equality these folks are about, but totalitarianism.

Anwyay, I mention this after noticing that James B. Webb, one of the great purveyors of The Narrative, has once again exempted himself from it. In a post from a few weeks ago ("Ayla Brown Is Available, And I'm Interested"), JBW disrespects my beautiful friend Suzanna as "Sweetits." Pleading and pumping about how ready he is for Scott Brown's daughter, we're treated to this burst of sexist objectification and anti-feminine infantilization:

Yes, I was spurned by Sweetits but I have a good feeling about this one. Ayla, I'm a relatively poor man, I have no real power or influence over anyone, I drink way more wine than any healthy human being should and I prefer not to cook or clean. Come and get it, girl! She'll be in good hands, Senator-elect Brown. Good, busy hands.

Contrary to JBW's claims at his post, I've never insinuated he's gay. But no one needs to insinuate anything about his blatant sexism and progressive hypocrisy. It's just right out there for everyone to see.

So typical of the left, I might add.

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