Friday, April 16, 2010

LAT Buries Tea Party Coverage; KABC-LA Slams 'Racist Teabaggers'; NYT Boosts Same-Sex 'Health Rights', 'Misunderstood Immigrants'!

Hey, the folks at Media Matters are keeping busy!

Talk about in the tank!


The Los Angeles Times buried its tea party coverage on "Page AA4" of this morning's paper. There's a teaser shot at the front of the "breaking" news supplement, but as you can see, the main article gets relegated to the obituary page. I'll update when the family of longtime NAACP leader Benjamin Hooks, who passed away on Thursday, complains of being lumped right next to those "racist teabaggers":



And this piece at local KABC Los Angeles is in totally OMFG territory. You gotta watch it to believe it. Tea partiers are RAAACIST!!

And check out the front page at this morning's New York Times:


While the nationwide tea party protests get consigned to "SECTION A - PAGE 17," readers are treated to the Obama administration's expansion of "medical visitation rights" for same-sex couples, and a second article debunks the "common perception" that recent immigrants are low-skilled manual laborers. Nope. No illegal alien bordercrossing strawberry pickers here. Move along.

You know how it is: Those lefty newspapers love them some "empathy" for the downtrodden gay and immigrant communities!

Fuhgettabout those tens of thousands of anti-tax protesters nationwide, those damned racist teabaggers!

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kato said...

If you want to talk about the media not covering important policy decisions, all media outlets from fox news to msnbc are guilty of that. Why don't we ever here about the implications the World Bank, IMF, and other gripping bodies have on our lives? We don't here about the massive pollution companies like Shell or Chevron are committing in the Amazon Jungle poisoning the native people there. But I suppose you're okay with all of that...

Tim said...

The reason it gets buried? It's no longer NEWS!

A tea party event is about as commonplace as a little league game anymore.

I still go with Mark Thompson's words: Tea parties are not a great representation of the American people.

I have to agree with that. They are A representation, but from what I've seen, and the arguments put forth, they ain't all that.

science fiction writer said...

The only hate-speech I see emanates from the Left. These reporters in these pseudo-news organizations are negligent and need to do proper research, not spew the inflammatory propaganda in which they currently engage. It's no wonder the NYT and LAT are going out of business. American citizens are much more intelligent than these leftist rags care to admit.

These subtle attacks on the Tea Parties reveal how frightened and biased the left is. They never understood that activism cuts both ways. People on the Right have the same freedom to organize and protest as do the people on the left. But if you look closely, the Right is not violent as the history shows the Left to be.

If you want coverage of the IMF et al, read the Wall Street Journal. With in the past two weeks, the WSJ printed in depth articles regarding the IMF, Chevron--a case proven to be mostly fabricated on flimsy manipulated research.

They dumbed down the NYT and LAT some time ago. The NYT was once written at the 11th grade level--now it's written at the 9th grade level. This indicates something about the NYT readership.

Kevin Robbins said...

It's in black and white, you idiots got your taxes cut. What exactly are you complaining about?

Unless you are making over 250 large, your taxes went down. And, you're being stupid.

Good God, you're morons!

AmPowerBlog said...

Obama's lying, DLB.

science fiction writer said...

Document the cuts in the tax rates.

Anonymous said...


Obama camper in comments here who just proclaimed that those who object to Obama's Lies are "morons" (or was that "idiots").

I QUOTE (because this sums things up quite nicely)...

Someone put me some knowledge, yesterday, about the “Obama Tax Cuts”

They aren’t tax cuts at all.

The first was the Withholding Tax Cut scam.. Another was the one-time sales tax deduction on a New Car.. Another was a tax credit for insulating your house, (you have to SPEND $1500 to get $1500)..

And, on it went.. They’re all targeted tax credits and deductions, and for the most part, one-time deals affecting relatively few Americans, and requiring that you spend money to get some money back.

There’s no Marginal Tax Cuts anywhere for anyone.

franksalterego on April 16, 2010 at 7:09 AM

kato said...

dear rick, how is the huge rate of cancer and sickness associated with chevron directly dumping waste in amazon people's water supplies a "flimsy" case?? do you really have that much confidence rested on corporations?

science fiction writer said...


The plaintiffs provided fraudulent data. Their case was bogus, according to recent articles.

The person who performed the research says what the plaintiffs presented in court is not the research he performed.