Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Erin Andrews on Jimmy Kimmel

I feel almost a little obligation here, having reported the Erin Andrews peephole sensation more than any other blogger on the web. One of the biggest controversies surrounding Andrews' peephole controversy was the backlash against USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan for arguing that Andrews had it coming:
"If you trade off your sex appeal, if you trade off your looks, eventually you're going to lose those ... She doesn't deserve what happened to her, but part of the shtick, seems to me, is being a little bit out there in a way that then are you encouraging the complete nutcase to drill a hole in a room."
Brennan also tweeted:
"Women sports journalists need to be smart and not play to the frat house. There are tons of nuts out there."
Brennan later backed off the comments, saying that:
"Twitter is a great format for many things, but not for serious reflection on an important topic such as this. "
Given the intensity of the story, and the unprecedented coverage it got (roughly 10 days of 24/7 media saturation), it's easy to understand Brennan's regrets. But other commentators made similar remarks at the time, and Andrews' later GQ photoshoot -- published that August, but shot before the peephole crime -- definitely lent credence to Brennan's "playing to the frathouse" line. And now with Andrews' hyped celebrity on DWTS, it's something of a mystery as to what lessons the ESPN hottie took away from it all. She doesn't seem to have toned it down much. Indeed, I can't ever recall seeing her more made up than at this clip of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's last night. She's 32 and gorgeous, and I while she says she's currently isolated from sports talk, I somehow doubt that sportscasting's on the Erin Andrews horizon too much longer:

Also, flashback video of Christine Brennan on Reliable Sources last year:

Like everyone said at the time, let's hope something like this never happens again.

And a special thanks to Chris Smith of
The Other McCain for his wise counsel on blogging this story.