Friday, April 30, 2010

Amanda Marcotte: Liar and Deceiver

That's what Jill Stanek argues at, "Amanda Marcotte, Just Another Pro-Abort Fraud":
While I think all abortion industry types are crooks and liars, there are some pro-abort ideologues who I believe are misguided but genuine.

Until 2 days ago I had Amanda Marcotte of
Pandagon in that category. She's harsh and anti-Christian, but I thought she was honest ...

Despite our differences, I gave her the benefit of the doubt as being authentic. No more. Marcotte now falls into the liar and deceiver category
RTWT to get the full background, but I couldn't resist Jill's Twitter exchange screencap:



Leftists are liars, as I brutally demonstrated recently with Captain Fogg of the Swash Zone. No amount of factual presentation will work with these pure haters. That's why good folks of moral persuasion have to keep the pressure on. It's a tough job, but thank God we have folks like Jill Stanek on our side.

BONUS: From Jill's WND essay, "
Vaccines Made With Fetal Cells Causing Autism?":
Marcotte, childless, is in no position to argue in favor of recommending another's child as a human science experiment. Apparently it is no great leap for hardcore pro-death ideologues to advance from endorsing human embryo research to endorsing human child research.

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