Friday, April 23, 2010

The 'Racist' Smear: A Case Study

From James Taranto, "The 'Racist' Smear: A Case Study suggests that black voters are 'just puppets'":

Our lead item Monday, "Why the Left Needs Racism," seems to have struck a chord. One hostile response is especially interesting because it illustrates our point so effectively. It comes from, a formally independent group that produces propaganda for the Democratic Party:

First and foremost, it's remarkably insulting. The implication of Taranto's theory is that African-Americans aren't sophisticated or observant or intelligent enough to know real racism when they see it, and are thus continuously duped en masse into voting for Democrats. It couldn't be the case that black voters actually care about issues and have real reasons for voting Democratic, they're just puppets who are motivated by racial sentiments that Democrats prey upon. Taranto and his pals at Fox & Friends might think they're attacking the Democrats, but they're actually demeaning black voters.

It is a commonplace that politicians frequently make appeals based on fear. It hardly seems controversial to assert that fear of racism is not uncommon among black Americans. It would be surprising if it were otherwise at a time when the regime of systematic subjugation known as Jim Crow is still a living memory. We argued that politicians appeal to a fear that is widespread among their constituents--which is to say, they behave in a way typical of politicians.

MediaMutters' suggestion that black voters are "just puppets" is racist and repugnant. In this day and age, one hesitates to dignify such a foul idea by rebutting it, but since MediaMutters raised it, here goes: Black voters are just like other voters. They make their decisions based on a combination of reason and emotion--and on elevated emotions as well as base ones. (The item MediaMutters is attacking attributed black support for President Obama in part to "pride in the first black president," which we called "a normal and wholesome attitude.")

The smear artists of MediaMutters have put forward a racist idea and falsely imputed it to us in an effort to defame us as racist because we criticized Democratic politicians. This is one of the clearest examples we've seen of how the appeal to fear works.


Cuffy Miegs said...

The core racists throughout the 20th century have been socialists. Whether in Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, Marxist Indochina or elsewhere, racism has permeated the socialist ideology and has enabled the worst ethnic atrocities of the modern era. Even mass killings like the Armenian massacre are overshadowed by socialist atrocities and crimes against humanity.

It is no wonder then, as Marxism and hypocrisy are virtually synonymous by now, that Leftists would call everyone who opposes them "racists". Even fascism, a Leftist ideology, is used as an epithet against the Left's ideological enemies. So I'm not at all surprised to hear Leftists decry racism and call others "race traitors" (a Nazi term) for opposing them in the very same breath.