Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is Elena Kagan Lesbian?

Hey radical lesbian feminists! Stop throwing your bras at Elena Kagan! ... "Potential Justice Elena Kagan Supports Gay Rights, Has Short Hair. Ruh Roh."


In the high-stakes politics of Supreme Court nominations, Solicitor General Kagan needs to take a stand:
If she is not a lesbian, she needs to come out and say it, and put to rest the rumours and concerns. If she is gay, I believe she needs to say that too, and quickly. While being gay is not a shameful thing, being chased out of the closet can certainly make a person appear weak and lacking in integrity.
Or, perhaps she'll take a page from La Roux: "Sorry girls, I'm not a lesbian":
La Roux singer Elly Jackson has said she is sick of getting bras thrown at by lesbian fans.

In an interview with Heat magazine, 21-year-old Jackson said she always knew she would have a large lesbian following, but she wished they were just interested in her music and nothing more.

“It’s the fact that they think I want their bras - that’s what’s weird about it,” explained Jackson. “One girl in Toronto stood there for ages with her boobs out. Everyone just thinks I’m a raging lesbian and I want to see everyone’s boobs. Sorry, I’m not.”


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jesus_rust said...

if youre arguing that she needs to come out then why don't we put equal pressure on straight politicians? its amazing that you don't see the straight bigotry going on in your post.

Dennis said...

Jesus_rust does make it clear why so many on the Left have reading comprehension problems. The standard fallback position when a leftist lacks the mental capability to add well reasoned argumentation.

jesus_rust said...

who says i'm a leftist?

JBW said...

You disagree with Don and his acolytes jesus_rust, hence you are a "leftist", hence you will be dismissed as less than intelligent and lacking a valid argument by someone exactly matching that description (don't bother pointing out the irony; tonedeafness, you see).

It's behavior caused by a combination of inferiority/persecution complexes sprinkled with religious hypocrisy and a dash of fear of the different/change. Oh, and you're a moral degenerate and most likely in league with some sort of fictional devil person as well. Are you new around here?