Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chillin' ... Eagles Concert Tonight (Comments Enabled)

I'm heading out to The Eagles gig a bit later. LAT's review of this week's earlier dates is here: "The Eagles close out their Hollywood Bowl run."


Also earlier this weeek, I'm chillin' with my new haircut. Grooming courtesy of Murray's Pomade. The company's Obama promotion is no joke:
Nothing says ‘I Love My President’ like a tin of pomade. At least, that’s what the folks at Murray’s must have been thinking when they debuted the ‘Murray’s for Obama’ specialty tin, which is filled with their legendary hair pomade and conditioner. The orange-red can is stamped with a drawing of President and first Lady Obama rocking some pretty classic ‘fros. We totally love Murray’s—that s**t works, but we wonder if they took too much liberty with the Obamas likeness.


Comments are enabled, and considering the nihilist attacks and de rigueur leftist double-standards, moderated.

And in case you missed it,
JBW's flummoxed at my latest iteration of the flame wars, "James B. 'Boogie Nights' Webb Just Got Back From Novelty I.D. Shop."

I'll have more news and hot neocon commentary tomorrow! (Meanwhile, other diversions available at Gator Doug's, POWIP, R.S. McCain's, and Theo's.)

Thanks dear readers!


Dan Collins said...

Is this one the Flying Pigs Reunion Tour, Donald?

Sarge Charlie said...

enjoy your evening donald

Maggie Thornton said...

I saw the Eagles playing on the grounds of a dog race track in Chicago years ago. Loved it then, would love it now.

Stogie said...

You lucky slob! The Eagles are fantastic!

Stogie said...

When I was in high school, we used Dixie Peach pomade! It smelled great and held your pompadour like iron!

Unknown said...

The new haircut looks great, my friend. If I had hair, I would cut it just like that!

Rusty Walker said...

The haircut looks great, my friend, and IF I had hair, I would style it just like that!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Sweet do, man. I haven't used anything on my hair in years. I keep it short, (military, police). I'm not familiar with the product. Is it a Cal thing?