Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blazing Cat Fur's Constantly Dealing With This Stuff...

It's no surprise that Matthew Yglesias hates American sovereignty and would toss American exceptionalism to the "supranational" legal authority of a "North American Union." Here's how the guy dresses up in his free time:

Matthew Yglesias

But actually, I'm just getting a kick out of this comment at the blog, from a lefty in Canuckistan:
As a Canadian, I have absolutely no interest in having to deal with Tea Party in my politics. Or, for that matter, a leader who can have citizens assassinated at their whim. Or a population that, in the majority, thinks evolution isn’t true. Or, a population that would deny its citizens health care. Or, a leadership that sends its armies to kill in foreign countries. Or… well I think you get the idea.

Clean up your act. Become a nation of laws again. Treat your citizens with respect. Treat the world’s nations with respect. Then, maybe, we’ll talk
Yeah. Right.

Recall that my good friend BCF is constantly dealing with this stuff, for example, "Don’t roll your eyes at Islamic incursion into the Toronto Public Library." And, "Video Now Available - Press Conference: The Islamist Threat in Quebec."

Hey, no wonder Yglesias wants a North American Union!

International jihad solidarity, hooray!!