Friday, April 23, 2010

Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the O.C.! ... UPDATED!!

I'm heading out to a campaign event in a little while, "Bill Hunt & Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the John & Ken Show - Live From Orange, CA."

The timing's pretty good, since Arizona's been in the news all week, and here's the latest: "
Obama Slams Arizona’s Immigration Bill" (via Memeorandum):
President Obama on Friday strongly criticized restrictive immigration legislation pending in Arizona, calling for a federal overhaul of the nation’s laws instead.

Speaking at a naturalization ceremony for 24 active duty service members in the Rose Garden, Mr. Obama said that failure to enact immigration reforms would open the door to “irresponsibility by others.”

The “others” he cited in this case apparently referred to state lawmakers in Arizona, who have approved an immigration bill, which, if enacted, would require the police to ask people about their immigration status if officers have any reason to suspect that they’re in the country illegally. The state Legislature sent the bill to Gov. Jan Brewer, who hasn’t indicated publicly whether she will sign it.

Mr. Obama said the Arizona bill threatens “to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.”
Actually, see Michelle on this, "Arizona acts to restore immigration sanity, open-borders lobby up in arms."

No surprise that Obama's in bed with communist open-borders extremists on this. Pictured is the Spartacist table at the March 20 ANSWER protest:



UPDATE: Some pics from the live broadcast of today's John and Ken Show, KFI AM-640. I didn't get a chance to take a good set of photos. One of the head security honchos ushered me away before I could get some solid shots:



And despite arriving before the 2:00pm start time, there was very little seating:


I went back out to the van to listen on the radio. Sheriff Joe came on the air at 2:00pm and I went back over to the hotel to see if I might be able to snag an angle. Here's a sign near the front desk:


The room was overflowing by now, however:


I listened a little longer out in the van, then left to check on my kid at his after-school kids club (he's fine). There's another Sheriff Joe Arpaio event tomorrow, so I might have more then ...