Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Details on Bloodthirsty Communist Counter-Protest in Los Angeles!

Let me say once more up front that I despise Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, obviously. But it's worth pointing out the heights of leftist thuggery in smashing the Nazi group's First Amendment rights to peaceably assembly. The video indicates the violent nature of these communist youth thugs:

Also, check out the report at LAist, "Neo-Nazi Rally and Counter-Protest End With Arrests, Some Violence." The guy with the tatoos showed up about an hour before the march, and police said he wasn't even with the Neo-Nazis. But the ANSWER communists beat him to a pulp anyway:


And the communists sure took advantage of their own First Amendment rights:


And once the Neo-Nazis (NSM) left the scene, the communist mob attacked the media and anyone else who stayed behind. Animals:
As the NSM members began a return march to the parking lot, angry counter-protesters lobbed rocks, chunks of concrete, bottles, a metal wrench, and other objects at them, aiming in particular at one NSM member's vehicle, which wouldn't start up.

At about 2:30, the police thanked the crowd and asked them to disperse as the event was over and all the NSM members had left, however many people remained on-scene, throwing bottles and rocks at the police and members of the media.


science fiction writer said...

Violence is the hallmark of the Left, as is their constant drive to deny others their free speech rights.

Unknown said...
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rogue_squadron said...

our society shouldn't have to put up with the racist hate of nazism. this was an opportunity for people of all political spectrums to take a stand against true bigots like the nazis.

science fiction writer said...

Our society shouldn't have to put up with the racist hate of Liberalism. However, to suggest that suppressing free speech rights or using violence against their gatherings is nothing more than a hate crime.

rogue_squadron said...

i would not call myself a leftist, nor am i promoting or defending their ideas. in fact don't even mind the so called "communist", how can you compare any ideology on the political spectrum to nazism, which openly condones the mass murder of jews, homosexuals, disabled people, gypsies, etc. of the holocaust. are you that stuck in your rhetoric?