Sunday, April 25, 2010

James B. 'Boogie Nights' Webb Just Got Back From Novelty I.D. Shop

James B. Webb told me directly that he blogs under a pseudonym. But since now we're up to the second bet he's turned down, the guy's posting an obviously bogus I.D. in a pathetic attempt to score a couple of points. I guess more fun and games is all we'll get, considering the desperation at being pinned down on the intellectual merits, IYKWIMAITYD.

JBW NOVELTY I.D. FAIL. This guy's slappin' down some screen names faster than you can say "Dirk Diggler":



Next up from JBW, "Fake Name-Generator: US Social Security Number (SSN)."

But wait!

Is that picture the real thing? Now that's some added touch, yo! What a doozy!

Imagine that, forgetting both the Clearasil and Coppertone all in the same day. Ouch!

Reminds me of the '70s. Can you play some funky music white boy, yoww??!!

Actually, old J.B. "Dirk Diggler" Webb just needs to grow his hair out a bit and get those bell-bottoms blazing:

On second thought, nahhha ... Dirk Diggler's too good for this dude!

It's more like ... EEEHHEWWW!! ... this pimply dude's fresh out of some Zombie Boobie send up. From, "First Look At The Trailer For Takao Nakano's BIG TITS ZOMBIE 3D With Sola Aoi!":

Beats Obama Zombies I guess.

Grooming and Hygiene Tip for J.B. 'ZOMBIE BOOBIES' Webb: "Oil-Free Acne Stress Control ™ Night Cleansing Pads - Neutrogena."

Zombie Boogie Hat Tip: Not a Sheep.