Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LaRouche Democrats Campaign at LBCC

Activists from the Lyndon LaRouche PAC set up shop on at the main crosswalk yesterday at Long Beach City College. I was walking back to my office across Carson Street when I spoke to the woman in the green shirt. I asked her, "How can you justify the Hitler mustache on President Obama? That's extreme." She then went into some whacked comparison between the U.S. and Nazi Germany. I disagreed politely and mentioned that I was professor of political science. She then proceeded to lobby me for classroom visits to meet my students! I almost laughed. I ran up to get my camera in my office. The scene upon returning:


A second woman was working the table. She was even more strident in her views of the U.S. as a Nazi regime:


Once I started taking pictures the woman in the green shirt clammed up. She refused to give me her name on the record for this report, and instead held up the LaRouche pamphlet and told me to contact the PAC's office. Not so confident and proud about the U.S.-Nazi analogy after all:


I have no problem with their activities, actually. It's their right. What bothers me is how the idiot leftist media makes these folks out to be tea partiers when they're not. They're Democrats:



Longtime readers will recall the first time I came across the LaRouchies: At the Adam Schiff town hall last summer. Interestingly, Wikipedia discusses the LaRouche PAC healthcare policies with a picture of the group's table from the event:
LaRouche's organization opposed the Obama administration's health care reform proposals, and its comparisons of U.S. President Barack Obama to German dictator Adolf Hitler in 2009 generated controversy. LaRouche called Obama's actions "impeachable," without actually calling for impeachment, due to his support of health insurance reform that LaRouche says is comparable to Hitler's Action T4 euthanasia program. The LaRouche movement has printed pamphlets with a picture on the front showing Obama and Hitler laughing together, and have made posters of Obama wearing a Hitler-style mustache. In Seattle, police have been called twice in response to people who were offended by the posters threatening to tear them apart or to assault the LaRouche supporters holding them.

As town hall meetings on this issue during the summer of 2009 began to attract very large and angry crowds, the comparison of Obama to Hitler began to show up on many signs and banners. The Atlantic wrote that LaRouche supporters "patented the Obama-is-Nazi theme."[149] The Anti-Defamation League issued a report titled, "Lyndon LaRouche, Holocaust Imagery & the Health Care Debate".

Nancy Spannaus, a LaRouche spokeswoman, told the Washington Times that the Obama policy was "a direct copy of the policy Hitler declared in October 1939, when Hitler issued the order for euthanasia against those determined, by a board of medical experts, to have 'lives unworthy to be lived.'" She said that the LaRouche alternative was to "cancel the bailout and HMOs, implement bankruptcy reorganization of the financial system, and return to the Hill-Burton system that made our health care the best in the world.


smitty1e said...

I've noticed that the LaRouchies are turned out in solid numbers at the majority of DC gathering of the Tea Parties I've attended.
I haven't every specifically sought them out.
But they must get some substantial funding from somewhere.
One feels Great Suspicion about Gold Sources that could Generate Such occurrences, IYKWIMAITYD.

Roger Ogden said...

Don even a crazy man can have a point every once in a while, even though he may not be able to justify it well. The Black Nationalist movement has been compared to facism and Nazism for 90 years, for good reason. The founder, Marcus Garvey, described his on movement as the first fascists, because they preceded Mussolinis Brown Shirts. The gnostic doctrine of Obama's church is based on Black Nationalism, called Black Liberation Theology, which David Horowitz has called "Afro-Nazism". See this link for more details and some qoutes from the book on Black Liberation Theology:


There are many parallels between the Obama's for 20 years professed belief system and Nazism and his policies and politics have pronounced staatist characteristics. I am more frightened by the people that ignore these parallels and even try to suppress them than I am of the LaRouchies, because a similar thing occurred at the beginning of the Nazi Movement. People did not want to know or comtemplate what they Nazis objectives really were and they thought that they could contain these people with politics, the same way people are thinking they can contain Obama today, who does not respect our basic laws.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Smitty ...

I just like the tea party comparisons.

AmPowerBlog said...

LOL, Roger!

We had this debate before my friend!

I just can't stand the LaRouchies!

Roger Ogden said...

Donald, as you know, I am not a fan of the LaRouchies, but would like to point out that Hitler's extermination camps were first reported in "The Watchtower" the publication of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which many also describe as a cult, sect or fringe group. Mainstream folks sometimes don't want to comtemplate real evil. Free speech is for everyone, not just what the mainstream finds acceptable. That does not mean that you can't argue against it, of course. But sometimes even the fringe can have a point. That's the reason for free speech. Let them have their say. The Tea Partiers are being tarred and feathered already constantly by the media and don't want to fight back, because they fear someone might think they are not "nice". Mainstream Americans would have made good little Nazis, I'm afraid. Once it is obvious to everyone, it is much too late already.

Anonymous said...

Don, I am not a fan of the LaRouchies either. However, they are not in control of the Government and Obama and his gang of thugocrats are. The church he belonged to has a racist, statist, genocidal doctrine that should be taken seriously and not ignored, like the Germans ignored all of the racist literature of the Nazis, whether he turns out to be the same as Hitler or not. There is no reason to take a chance on such a person, who was in such a group for 20 years. Those that DO want to take such a chance are putting the future of the country at risk. Obama invited the Black Nationalist kook, Louis Farrakhan, to the White House for a private meeting last October. Farrakhan openly preaches that the destruction of the US and it's "racist" institutions would be divine justice and has been compared to a black Hitler by many. It's as if Bush had entertained the Nazi, Tom Metzger, at the White House. Black Liberation Theology is based largely on the racist, gnostic theology of Farrakhan's so-called Nation of Islam, which is not Islam at all, but a black sect with an Islamic motif.

Roger Ogden said...

Donald, what would go beyond our previous discussion would be the question of how to deal with the LaRouchies. There is some basis in what they are saying and many people sense that. So, if you are just denying what they say, I think that will not work and in the end just gives them some credability. You have to coopt their argument with something more reasonable. However, I think you are so entrenched in middle classness that is difficult for you to imagine someone having objectives that are outside your middle class experience. No offense. I'm sure you are a nice and intelligent guy, but just think that you are misjudging Obama and what he is capable of.

Toaster 802 said...

I believe that these "people" now in power ARE National Socialists.

However, that is where I stop agreeing with the rouchies, as everything that follows in discourse with them is like falling down the rabbit hole...reality is replaced by the wildest ravings. I feel like these people are as you say, demo-rats that are false flaggers bent on discrediting Obama critics by trying to involve themselves in the Tea party and other Constitutionalist activities. They make the hard core Ron Paulist supporters sound like moderates! (Disclaimer, I support many of Ron Paul domestic agenda, but he totally misses the mark on the world view end of things).

How can I say that the Obots are National Socialists? I found a pristine copy of Smoke Screen by Samuel Pettengill at a thrift shop.
He makes a great argument that FDR demo-rats are National Socialists. Ron Paul calls Obama a corporatist. National Socialists are corporatists. Instead of nationalizing industry, they "nationalize" the leaders of industry and finance. And media...Just like in 1934 Germany, and sounds alot like what is going on now. Demo-rats have the same class warfare meme, the same race hate/bait/scapegoating line, the same "living space" agenda, this time for Mexican illegals.

But in the end, just my two cents...

Roger Ogden said...

Toaster, a lot of Americans wouldn't recognize a Nazi unless he's wearing Swastika on his armband. The doctrine of Obama's church in Chicago is a black version of a rascist Christian Identity Religion, like the reverse of the Nazi Christian Identity religion, such as Timothy McVeigh was thought to belong to. It's a reverse racist Nazi-like, cult doctrine. It's not alright for the President to have been in a racist sect, not matter what color his skin is. And it is not alright for Tea Partiers and Republicans to just willfully ignore that the President was in this racist sect, because they are afraid they might have to react to it. The evidence is clear and documented for anyone that wants to read it.

The Tea Partiers are discrediting themselves by ignoring this. The LaRouchies may also be a cult, but if people spent half the effort criticizing Obama for HIS racist cult religion as they do the LaRouchies, we'd have a lot fewer problems by now. You people need to get your priorities right. The LaRouchies don't have their finger on the nuclear trigger, Obama does.