Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama Zombie Palin Protesters: Teabonics is as Teabonics Does

Radical leftists were having all kinds of fun with the "teabonics" meme some time back. You get an indication of the left's idiot righteousness (after finding a misspelling or a misplaced apostrophe) at Wonkette. For example:
Koch Industries, largest privately held energy company in the US, and primary funder of the tea baggers,, makes them paint their own signs, to create the illusion of authenticity. Misspellings help. They make you feel like this is just Ma and Pa Kettle out there ignorantly expressing their ignorance. Well, they may be ignorant, but their fascist bosses are smart.
Great way to smear an entire movement as incestuous bog-dwellers. Of course, once lefties start aping the success of the tea partiers -- showing up at Palin events, etc., with homemade signs -- they'd better have their dictionaries handy. In any case, had the Obama Zombies sought my "advise" they might have avoided some embarrassment. Teabonics is as teabonics does:


And one more piece of "advise": Perhaps some of these anti-Palin folks should spell-check their fellow protesters' signs before casting the first stone. Might look kinda (i.e., "kind of") hypocritical otherwise, you think?


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