Wednesday, April 21, 2010

D.C. Douglas, Voice Over Hate Guy, Fired by Geico

I just posted on Matt Kibbe yesterday (seems like a mellow dude, and JSF had kinds words for him). Well Kibbe's speaking out today against (yet) more leftist hatred, at Big Government, "Geico Cancels a Hater" (via Memeorandum):
We are a grassroots movement made up of people who believe in individual freedom and individual responsibility. Racism and hate are inherently collectivist ideas. As individualists we judge people as individuals, based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

I asked the activists that joined with 40,000 of their fellow Americans on the Mall in front of the Washington Monument on the evening of April 15th to police the crowd for any hate or racial slurs. If you see bad actors, ask them to leave. If they won’t leave, get a picture and we will out their bad behavior online in the light of day. I don’t care who you are: we will not tolerate haters or racists in our community.

So when the voice-over guy for Geico Insurance, D.C. Douglas, called and left us another hostile message, and left his phone number, we held him accountable too, posting his message where he calls all of us “mentally retarded,” and potential killers. Geico canceled his contract. He now says that we, “like Glenn Beck, are flirting heavily with sedition.” Strange accusation from an actor that talks for a living.” Americans covet our freedom of speech. We have a sacred right, enshrined in the Constitution, to show up, protest and challenge government policies that are bad for America. Freedom: it’s an insurance policy we should all buy.
This is the typical demonology you get from those sickended dead-souls on the left:

See also, "Geico voice actor fired after insulting tea parties."


Anonymous said...

Your ignorance shames me as a fellow American.

TeaPartyPooper said...

Such a fanfare over a funny voicemail message. FreedomWorks is an evil group and they are to blame for the summer of town hall hell and all the fringe crazies holding up signs. As someone said, I don't hate Tea Party folks, I hate the people who manipulate them: Dick Armey!!!

And this DC Douglas was all class on Fox News and Joy Behar. He shamed FreedomWorks.

Now, you really should also post his follow videos:

and this hysterical commercial: